Out Of The Mist ~ The Secret

Dawn Carter

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What happens when two women, from different worlds collide? 

Jordan Watkins, self-assured, successful attorney, who trusts no one, dates often but believes it is not in her genes to have a successful relationship. All that changes when she meets and falls for Angela Gratace, who is still discovering her identity.

Angela did not mind being alone, it came with the territory she had learned in her youth. Keeping to herself was the best option. But, that was before Jordan Watkins walked into her office, and into her heart, turning everything Angela believed in upside down.

Thrown into a whirlwind of emotions, Angela is now faced with the dilemma of having to admit she is not only attracted to the young successful attorney, but also women. Struggling with her identity, Angela questions if she is gay, straight or bi-sexual, or…

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A Love for All Time

Free SHORT story from K’Anne Meinel….read it and go AWWWWW

K'Anne Meinel




K’Anne Meinel

I saw a short video on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that the idea of it was absolutely beautiful and wondered if I could make a ‘lesbian’ version of it.  As it wasn’t my concept but these are my words I don’t plan to profit from it and I’m putting it out here free.  I hope you enjoy my short story.

As Mada looked into the empty chapel she spotted her granddaughter sitting halfway down the aisle.  She stopped for a moment to take in the beauty of her wedding dress, the fine satin of it contrasting beautifully with her tan skin and porcelain like features.  Her dark hair stood out brilliantly against the startling white of the lace that surrounded her face and shoulders.  Mada sighed blissfully seeing how beautiful she looked.  Slowly she walked down the aisle…

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RADIO Interview for K’Anne Meinel


Tomorrow September 9, 2014 on Blog Talk Radio with Sherri Rabinowitz she is interviewing our author K’Anne Meinel about her latest release!  Tune in at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time @ http://tobtr.com/s/6782477nd   If you can’t make it, click on the link later to listen to the half hour interview!  Hope to have you tune in!

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Dawn Carter

My name is Dawn Carter, author of lesbian fiction.

I’ve been invited to answer these questions by Jesse  Frankel, author, Titles of current titles include   “Twisted” – “ Lindsay Versus the Marauders” and  “ Catnip”. His latest books are listed on his website http://writerwannabe.weebly.com/, and books can be purchased on Amazon.


I love to create a work of art that will forever be in the back of the mind of my readers, long after they have read my books.  I write character-driven stories, written for the lesbian community, but they can be about ANYTHING, from thriller/mystery, contemporary romance, or real life lesbian drama.

Of course, the genre of contemporary lesbian fiction is vast, and there is a great deal of diversity within it. My work is set apart due to the characters and realism. I believe in keeping it real to life. I want to capture the…

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K'Anne Meinel

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My name is K’Anne Meinel. 

I am an author of Lesbian Fiction. I’ve been invited to answer these questions by Dawn Carter, author.  Her current title coming out is called: Out of the Mist.  Her past titles are The Crossroads, Heart of Fire, and Heart of Vengeance.  Her books are listed on her website at: http://Dawncarterbooks.com and can be purchased from Amazon in both paperback and e-book form.

ABOUT MEI am a prolific author with 65 published works currently available through my website at www.kannemeinel.com and on Amazon which includes Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories.  I am a typical Type A personality where I feel the need to overachieve and in this case ‘create.’  I used to run companies for years for myself and others the same way, overachieving and doing my best to be successful at them.

What am I working on nowI have over…

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