A Love for All Time

Free SHORT story from K’Anne Meinel….read it and go AWWWWW

K'Anne Meinel




K’Anne Meinel

I saw a short video on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that the idea of it was absolutely beautiful and wondered if I could make a ‘lesbian’ version of it.  As it wasn’t my concept but these are my words I don’t plan to profit from it and I’m putting it out here free.  I hope you enjoy my short story.

As Mada looked into the empty chapel she spotted her granddaughter sitting halfway down the aisle.  She stopped for a moment to take in the beauty of her wedding dress, the fine satin of it contrasting beautifully with her tan skin and porcelain like features.  Her dark hair stood out brilliantly against the startling white of the lace that surrounded her face and shoulders.  Mada sighed blissfully seeing how beautiful she looked.  Slowly she walked down the aisle…

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