Shadoe Publishing proudly announces the release of Rachel Maldonado’s THE DEATH ROOM

Front Cover

Roberta Pena finally has her dream job of being a Biology Teacher at the high school that she once attended, but something sinister lurks in her classroom. She begins to have unusual paranormal experiences. Is she simply losing her mind or is there a ghost trying to make contact? How will she deal with the mystery of the room that often smells of death and where she has begun to have so many unsettling and ghastly sightings? Will she solve the mystery or be forced to leave her career that she worked so hard to achieve? Might she find love in the process?

In Pocket Paperback and E-book form!

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GHOSTLY LOVE by K’Anne Meinel

Ghostly Love Cover

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? What if that best friend is a GHOST?

Stacey is your normal teenager, living with the the ‘normal’ teenage angst moments. She just happens to have a friend who is a ghost. This takes her on a journey, while it would have been normal for most people, it is guided by her friend Renata who just happens to be dead. As the years go by and Stacey experiences life she finds that love eludes her until she realizes it has been there all along. What do you do when the love of your life turns out to be a GHOST?

A pocket paperback as well as   e-book!

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Shadoe Publishing re-releases The Crossroads by Dawn Carter

The Crossroads Cover Dawn Carter

New and improved, updated 2nd Edition of The Crossroads by Dawn Carter.

Sex and drugs, a way of life for Samantha Petrino, but the party girl found herself faced with bitter experiences which forced her to face the magnitude of viciousness of her past and suddenly forced to decide to live for the day, or live for the future.
Standing on the sidelines, Samantha’s friend and business partner, Melanie Anocco, believes that you reap what you sow, and secretly took pleasure in watching Samantha fall from grace. A secret relationship and the beginning of betrayal begins when Melanie pursued a relationship with April, Samantha’s girlfriend.
The business partnership and long time friendship ends sending Samantha running. Finding comfort in her therapist, Samantha finds herself falling in love for the first time, but what can a married woman offer her? The journey of heartbreak and betrayal advance forward until Samantha loses the one constant in her life her high-school friend Brenda to cancer. A promise made to Brenda before she passes has Samantha transforming into the woman she was destined to be. Now can Samantha put the pain of the past behind her and rebuild a friendship with Melanie or would she continue to run?

E-book and Paperback!


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Shadoe Publishing announces it’s new category: Children’s Books

Lost Puppy

Soon we will be releasing this wonderful story for children of LGBT couples.  Watch for it from Shadoe Publishing!  The first of many, Children, Teen, and Young Adult selections!

Francine Lauriano signs with Shadoe Publishing

10393170_10153003865188384_6132246099326858265_nFrancine Lauriano was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. She currently lives in New Jersey with her two children.  Francine writes children books and along with her illustrator shows children of LGBT families that they are not alone, that this is normal, and that they are part of a whole community just like them!  Her books show LGBT family diversity to the children and perhaps educate the adults as well!  Watch for her new childrens books from Shadoe Publishing later this year!

A new NOVA SERIES novel from Prudence MacLeod: CLAIMSTAKE

Claimstake Front Cover

If the Novans thought their victory in the Galactic War would allow them a lifetime of peace, they were wrong. Enemies are popping up everywhere, suspicions abound, and they are left with nowhere to go.

When the Novan Witches blew apart a sun they created a gap in space-time-reality. That gap is growing and now they have nowhere else to go. Can they survive in the Gap?

In E-book AND Paperback!


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A new NOVA SERIES novel from Prudence MacLeod: Beyond Nova

Beyond Nova Front Cover

Out beyond Nova Prime, at the very tip of the galactic arm, a single star clings tenuously to its hold on the galaxy. Circling that lonely star is a planet called Exile, where the R.I.M. Company sends its biggest failures, its greatest secrets.

Those secrets are about to be revealed. The Novan Witch and her hounds have a mission there, someone they need to find. This could tear the Galactic Empire apart.

In both E-Book and Paperback!


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Shadoe Publishing is proud to announce the release of all TEN of the first of K’Anne Meinel’s MALICE SERIES in Pocket Paperbacks!

Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover Book 2 Meticulous Malice Cover Book 3 Mistaken Malice Book 4 Malicious Malice Book 5 Masterful Malice Book 6 Matrimonial Malice Book 7 Mourning Malice Book 8 Murderous Malice Book 9 Mental Malice Book 10 Menacing Malice

Click on the cover to find your own Pocket Paperback!  A little Murder, a little Mystery, and voila we have the formula for a Lesbian Serial Killer who you cannot help but enjoy…this anti-hero does what you have always DREAMED of doing!  Killing those who NEED it!  Come on in and discover the world of Alice Weaver!

Malice Masterpieces the First Five Books Front Cover Malice Masterpieces 2

Or if you prefer a full length novel with the novellas contained within, click on these two!

New Author for Shadoe Publishing: WELCOME, HollyAnne Weaver!

HollyAnne WeaverMs. Weaver has worked for many years in a scientifically-based career writing technical documents.  An avid reader from a very young age, she gradually began writing poetry and fiction, one of her current passions.  Growing up, Ms. Weaver was always fascinated with books and the ability of an author to write fiction.  A sequence of emails with a close friend led to her writing longer pieces, eventually culminating in her first novel being completed in 2010.  Ms. Weaver’s main writing focus is on lesbian fiction, although she has projects for mysteries and historical fiction already planned. 

Her first book with Shadoe Publishing should be out later this year!  WELCOME!


Assassin of Nova by Prudence MacLeod, second in the Nova Series

Assassin of Nova

He sacrificed his humanity to save his loved ones. The Company left them to die. Now he’s looking for revenge. The utter destruction of everything the Company holds dear. The Company’s CEO has a daughter. A child for a child, if Rathbone can survive the hunt for her.

When she turns out to be the companion of the Black Witch of Nova, Rath might have to find a new target. He has certainly found a new army, a new purpose, a new lease on life, and most importantly, a new family.

In both Paperback and E-Book!

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