Awakened by J.L. Crandall

Awakened Front Cover

He’d always been a warrior, a hunter, fighting battle after battle over the ages, always hunting, seeking the woman whose face appeared to him in the embers of the fire. 

Through all her long life she had waited and watched, hoping against hope. 

And ever the lords of darkness sought to keep them apart, for should they ever meet the old gods would awaken and the final battle would be upon them.

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Frankie ~ An Audiobook by Prudence MacLeod and Crystianna Crawford


Carrie flees from the demons of her present, trying to protect the ones she loves.

Frankie hides from the demons of her past, and the memory of loved ones she failed to protect.

A modern day princess thrown to the wolves, Carrie’s only hope is the rancher who had spent the better part of a decade in self imposed, near total, isolation. Frankie’s history of losing those she tries to save haunts her, but this madman threatens her home, her livestock, her sanctuary. She knows she can’t do it alone, has she still got enough support from her oldest friends? 

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Audiobook ~ The Path Not Chosen by Q.C. Masters

The Path Not Chosen

What do you do when you meet someone who changes everything you know about love and passion?

Paige Harlow is a good girl. She’s always known where she was going in life: top grades, an ivy league school, a medical degree, regular church attendance, and a happy marriage to a man. So falling in love with her gorgeous roommate and best friend Alyssa Torres is no small crisis. Alyssa is chasing demons of her own, a medical condition that makes her an outcast and a family dysfunctional to the point of disintegration make her a questionable choice for any stable relationship. But Paige’s heart is no longer her own. She must now battle the prejudices of her family, friends, and church and come to peace with her new sexuality before she can hope to win the affections of the woman of her dreams. But will love be enough?

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