Banned by Amazon, an update.

Recently a book of ours written by Q.C. Masters called A Girl Called Shine was banned by Amazon.  We blogged about it a few days ago and posted it all over social media to create conversation.  We were accused of making it up, that the book was kiddie porn, and a variety of other less than delightful accusations.  The book was banned two weeks ago, but ONLY in E-Book form.  At the time we thought it was a trickle down item where they would ban the paperback as well.  What we found is they ONLY took down the e-book and left the paperback.  This was only in the United States.  All foreign outlets left up both versions.  It was not our intention to ‘make up’ a controversy but merely make people aware of a situation we found ourselves in and create discussion, perhaps ideas could be shared.  Being accused of certain things was certainly NOT pleasant.  The book is NOT kiddie porn.  It is however about a teenager (over sexed perhaps, depending on your point of view) but one who falls in love for the first time and the things that made her the way she is.  Had these people read the whole book and not torn apart one portion they would see the whole picture.  From this original posting we sold a total of TWO books, not hundreds, thousands, or anything we could retire on.  The fact is the book is back up on amazon due to some hard work on us, the publisher, and now we will be accused of all sorts of other things.  That’s fine.  We do not care about that, our goal was to publish the story.  The book is available to read, portions have been posted on the authors website and blog so you can read it for yourself and determine if the whole book is worth your time and consideration.