Prudence MacLeod signs her 44th contract with Shadoe Publishing…let’s CELEBRATE!

Several years ago an author and editor approached Shadoe Publishing about taking on another author’s work.  Knowing nothing about this author, we ‘met’ on Skype to discuss the possibility of her signing with Shadoe Publishing.  She stated she wanted forty of her books out in paperback within a year…um, yeah.  We were very excited, but decided on about twenty at first, to see how it went.  Well, that many books takes a long time.  You see, the editor had to edit them (of course), the illustrator had to make up all the new covers for her stories, the proofreaders and beta readers all had to go over the books, one by one, before we allowed them to be formatted and released….

It took several years to come out with the FIRST forty, but here we are already on the 44th… AT LOOSE ENDS will be coming out in about a week.  We MUST be doing SOMETHING write, um, er, right?  In the meantime, to CELEBRATE, we are discounting ALL of Prudence MacLeod’s books until the end of the month.  For the price of a Starbucks cup of coffee, you can read her fantastic stories.  From lesbian romance, to lesbian science fiction and fantasy, to transgender stories that will take you places you haven’t realized you wanted to go…yet.

Below are all the covers of her first 43 books with Shadoe Publishing…we’ll show you the next one soon…meanwhile, on Amazon for the rest of this month you can read her fabulous books at a discount to celebrate this incredible achievement!

Thank you in advance for your patronage and enjoy your reads!



It all started with Lady Blue

It all started a few years ago with one book, a story that many found so appealing that the author felt compelled to write more!  For a short time the FIRST in the series is available for .99 and the rest for a mere 4.99…that’s about what a Starbucks coffee costs these days…you will find yourself addicted in no time.

Lady Blue


An abused and bullied teenager is suddenly granted great and terrible powers by an ancient goddess. Each step towards womanhood is shaped by her new abilities, as is the woman she will become. Devil or angel, which will she be? Will the woman who chases her ever know for sure?


Lady Justice


Sometime between Tasha Stewart witnessing the murder of her parents and the attempt on her life, she made a deal with a goddess. In exchange for super powers Tasha would bring Justice to the city. A cold relentless Justice, no lawyers, no courts, and no mercy. Can she deliver on her promise and still remain who she is at her core or will she be absorbed into the cold unfeeling force that is Lady Justice? Only her unexpected compassion for a monster and the friendship of Lady Blue will keep her grounded in herself.


Lady Seeker


They say she can find anyone, anytime, anywhere. Run as far and fast as you can, gather friends with guns if you want, it won’t help you. She’s coming. There on your back trail, always there, always getting closer, is the Seeker. Nothing can stop the bounty hunter, nothing can turn her aside, and there’s only one thing she’s afraid of, the dragon rider.


Lady Shadow


Lexa Condon spent too much time in imaginary worlds until she witnessed a murder.  Now the killers are after her.  With her young life about to be snuffed out, she cries out for help.  Lexa is granted the power to create imaginary worlds herself.  Flexing her new powers she goes on the hunt for the killers, but her power is strong, and seductive.  Will she be drawn completely into a world of her own construction and disappear forever, or will she gain control and bring down the killers.  It will be a long trail and will have to face her own darkness before it’s over.

Killers are hunting for Lexa, but what they find is darkness and shadow.  Shadow and form, and then shadow again.  Even as they hunt her, mystery and madness hunt them.  And then there is that damn dragon.


Watcher and the Warrior


The forces of the Dark are on the move, humanity is vulnerable and unprepared. The goddess Moragah sends out her priestesses to find two people, to people to stop the encroaching darkness. One to see the when and where the conflict will happen, and one to halt the advance. The search was successful, in her lonely tower the Watcher sees all while below the Warrior continues to hone her skills, eagerly awaiting the battle to come.


Fallen Angel Front


Sometimes the pain is too great.  Sometimes the desire for vengeance runs too deep.  In the blink of an eye she changes.  The Priestess of the dark known as the Fallen Angel is hunting now, killing.  Nothing can stop her, not even the goddess who made her.  Is she coming for you?


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