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Re-release of Jennis Slaughters: INTUITION

Updated, edited, and a little tweaking, here it is!intuition

In the sequel to Insight, Delaney and Raelin Delacroix have their past to come back to haunt them, but it’s not in the way that they expect.

Who has it out for the newly married couple? Is it family members who feel that they deserve some of the good fortune or someone that they missed during the wrap up of the human trafficking case?

Will the Montrose Ley Lines give them enough warning so that they can protect themselves and their friends or will they be silent, leaving the Delacroix’s to figure things out on their own.

Who has it out for them? Is it something more sinister?

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A Sister’s Wish (Rerelease) by Jennis Slaughter

Newly edited and updated!

Capture - Copy

When Navy SEAL Sydney Martin feels her twin sister die, she knows that she has her work cut out for her in finding who murdered her. When she gets a delayed text, asking her to protect something, she vows to do just that.

What she didn’t know was that her investigation would involve her sister’s best friend, computer programmer Chance O’Neil, and that they would end up running for their lives in search of the truth all while falling in love.

Would they be able to bring the guilty parties to justice before they are caught or will it all be for naught?

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A Lost Love novella by Jennis Slaughter

A Lost Love

Dawn Lorrayne isn’t happy, and she is going to make sure that no one else is happy…even if her macabre plan for revenge is the last thing that she does. 

Laurel Taylor has moved on with her life, and has found a new love in Alex James. They are making plans to take the next step in their relationship. 

To what lengths will all three go to in order to fulfill their destiny, or will Dawn’s violent plan end everything before it really gets started?



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Fast Lane by Jennis Slaughter and A.D. Campbell

Fast Lane

In the male dominated sport of Formula 1 racing, Samantha ‘Sam’ Dupree is struggling to make her mark against the boys. She hears about a driver who is making a name for herself in NASCAR and goes to check her out.  Little does she know that she’s in for the race of her heart.

Addison McCloud wants nothing more than to drive.  She doesn’t care about fame or fortune; she just wants to be fast enough to get herself and her family away from her abusive father.  Meeting Sam changes her world and revs her life into overdrive.

When the two women meet, sparks fly like the race cars that they drive.  Will they be able to steer their relationship into something more and win the race, or will their families make them crash and burn?  The boys of Formula 1 are going to learn that Southern girls are a force to be reckoned with. 

TEASER:  Keying the headset to Addison frequency, Sam kept her voice calm as she spoke to the young driver, “Addi…show that damn Yankee how we Southern women drive.” Samantha Jayne Dupree let her Southern accent flow from her like honey.  “Blow him a kiss as you fly by for me Darlin’.”

Slamming on her brakes, Addison Gere McCloud let smoke pour up from all four of the thick Dunlop tires on her car. As Tatum’s car lost its buffer between itself and the wall, his own Mustang slammed into the barrier wall with enough force to pop one of the tires.

The blue, number 16 Conway Freight Mustang flew around its partner car in a stunning display of control using his wind tunnel to slingshot around him. Instead of Addison blowing Dana Tatum a kiss on the way by as she stole his job and his contract, she held up her middle finger.

Sam looked up and saw the motion on one of the many screens that they had around in the pit areas and pumped her fist.  “Good girl Addi, now finish up the race.  You’ve got some celebrating to do.”

Paperback & E-Book

Jennis Slaughter and A.D. Campbell bring us BLOOD SOURCE

Blood Source

In a world where Vampyres battles wolves and other Vampyres, and all feed on the human race; a king must choose between the life of his daughter and the survival of his people.

Abigail was raised to be pure as wolves threatens to overrun them, she accepts her role in her father’s bargain with a Vampyre.  When the enemy of your enemy is your friend, sometimes your friend needs a blood source.

Lexxington has lead the Black Sun Army in countless campaigns over the last three thousand years. Unmated for millennia, the warlord fights with reckless abandon, seeking ever more glory for the House of Frost.

When the warlord of the ever powerful Black Sun Army first tastes the blood source; sparks fly that could upset the balance of the coming war, and save the human race.

In both E-Book and Paperback!

2book-gif (1)

Re-release of INSIGHT by Jennis Slaughter

Final Front Cover 2 INSIGHT

When Delaney Delacroix is called to locate a missing girl, she never plans on getting caught up with a human trafficking investigation or with the local witch. Meeting with Raelin Montrose changes her life in so many ways that Delaney isn’t sure that this isn’t destiny.

Raelin Montrose is a practicing Wiccan, and when the ley lines that run under her home tell her that someone is coming, she can’t imagine that she was going to solve a mystery and find the love of her life at the same time.


book-gif (1)2

WHY?  You might ask?  It’s newly improved and updated…read the FIRST of the amazing series by Jennis Slaughter!

Jennis Slaughter releases a new Cookbook! MAKIN’ BACON

Bacon FrontAnyone who knows me, knows that I love bacon.  I love making Bacon Candy, Chocolate Covered bacon, Bacon Brownies… You name it, if it has bacon, I’ll eat it.  I have a new cookbook ready for all the bacon lovers.

In E-Book & Paperback!


New Book by Jennis Slaughter ~INSIGHT~

Instinct Cover

In the continuing saga of Raelin and Delaney Delacroix, they finally find time to take a vacation to a private South Pacific island.  There they find a waterfall cave, and Raelin is granted a wish that she never thought would happen.

Once they are home, they have to ready for their upcoming bundle of joy, but unbeknownst to them, someone is watching them and their friends.  What does life have in store for them now?



Note from the Publisher:  When you find a series of books by the same author with a storyline that you just can’t wait to find out what happens NEXT, you consider it a treasure found.  Jennis Slaughter started with INSIGHT, continued with INTUITION and now we have INSTINCT.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next in this fantastic series by Jennis Slaughter!

 Final Front Cover 2 INSIGHTIntuition front


Goldies for the authors of Shadoe Publishing

This year Shadoe Publishing is proud to announce these titles have ALL been nominated for a Goldie at the Golden Crown Literary Society!  We hope our friends and fans will be there to see who wins as well as visit our booth in New Orleans this July 22-26th!

Capture - CopyHeart of Fire front coverHeart of Vengeance Front CoverlawyeredcoverMalice Masterpieces 3 - CopyFeatured Image -- 413Out at The Inn CoverThe Fallen Cover #2

Up for Tee Corinne – Outstanding Cover Design, Cover by Jennis Slaughter, Up for Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure written by Jennis Slaughter A Sister’s Wish

Up for Tee Corinne – Outstanding Cover Design, Cover by K’Anne Meinel, Up for Mystery/Thriller written by Dawn Carter Heart of Fire

Up for Tee Corinne – Outstanding Cover Design, Cover by K’Anne Meinel, Up for Mystery/Thriller written by Dawn Carter Heart of Vengeance

Up for Tee Corinne – Outstanding Cover Design, Cover by K’Anne Meinel, Up for Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure written by K’Anne Meinel Lawyered

Up for Mystery/Thriller written by K’Anne Meinel Malice Masterpieces 3

Up for Tee Corinne – Outstanding Cover Design, Cover by K’Anne Meinel, Up for Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure written by K’Anne Meinel Out at the Inn

Up for Tee Corinne – Outstanding Cover Design, Cover by K’Anne Meinel, Up for Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure written by Dawn Carter Out of the Mist~The Secret

Up for Tee Corinne – Outstanding Cover Design, Cover by K’Anne Meinel, Up for Science Fiction/Fantasy written by Dawn Carter The Fallen