Welcome to our newest author BAREN NIX

Shadoe Publishing proudly announces that Baren Nix has signed with us!  We welcome her to our fantastic line up of Lesfic Authors!  Look for her works coming later this year~!


Happy NEW Year, 2015 is gonna ROCK…without REAL rocks!

Happy New YEAR!

K'Anne Meinel

And what did YOU do in 2014?  I published a few things…Shorts, Novellas, and a ‘few’ novels!

Out at The Inn CoverInto The GardenLove of my LIFEMenage a WHATQuickie ~In an Elevator, GOING DOWN ~Book 11 Minor MaliceBook 12 Morally MaliceBook 13 Morose MaliceBook 14 Melancholy MaliceShortsAnthology CoverlawyeredcoverMad MaliceMalice Masterpieces 3 - CopyCaptureThe Other Women

If you missed them, no worries, I have them right HERE for you:


Wow, it’s been QUITE a year!  I had my 30th high school reunion and also managed to make it to Provincetown, MA for Women’s Week! Not bad, not bad at all!  I’m hoping with everything I have planned for 2015 that this is going to be the best year in a LONG time!  I’ve needed that!  I can’t wait for all the ‘new’ that comes with a new year! I’m looking forward to chatting with many of you, my friends, my fans, and my frenemies!  LOL!  So let’s make 2015 (can you BELIEVE we are using those #’s?) the year that ROCKS, without real ROCKS!

For those who actually read my ramblings, I will have you know that…

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New Release Dawn Carter ~ THE FALLEN


The Fallen Cover #2Turned into a vampire 1200 years ago, Nira fights hard to regain her humanity. She makes a pact with the Gods to fight the evil who is trying to destroy mankind and in return, the Gods agree to grant Nira her wish to become human.

A vampire assassin hardened by centuries of fighting against evil; disciplined and loyal, Nira never strays from her mission or the rules set out for her. She purged all her weaknesses, including her emotions to the back of her mind.

In a twist of fate she meets Stephanie, and finds herself not only fighting for her soul, but for Stephanie’s life.  But the moment she met Stephanie, something dangerous awakens in her, something possessive and powerful, she discovered she would do anything to protect the woman who was slowly claiming her heart, even break all the rules if she has too.

What happens next, not only shocks Nira but also Stephanie. In the end, it is Stephanie who saves Nira…and more.

Available in both PAPERBACK and E-BOOK!



New author Karen Baker

Shadoe Publishing proudly announces the addition of a new author KAREN BAKER to our publishing house!  Her book, tentatively titled DAKOTA has been accepted for publication.  We welcome Karen and hope for a great publishing experience as we go through the steps in completing her novel due out later this year!  Thank you Karen and we hope our followers enjoy another great novel from Shadoe!