Mega Lesfic Sale


Shadoe Publishing is pleased to participate with their authors in the MEGA LESFIC SALE!  Remember, it’s three days only….!

A.D. Campbell, Alex Spear, Angela Peach, Chris Parson, Crystianna Crawford, HollyAnne Weaver, Jennis Slaughter, K’Anne Meinel, Karen Baker, Maria Ayala, Maria Siopis, Prudence MacLeod, and Q.C. Masters all have books up on the sale.

Here are the pages:

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New release! Outback Future — K’Anne Meinel

Alinta is determined to make sure she never becomes a victim again, but what can she do when Mel’s previous love shows up at the outback station they are building together?  The white woman, with her proper English ways, is like no one she has ever seen before.  How can she compete with someone who […]

New release! Outback Future — K’Anne Meinel

Frankie by Prudence MacLeod

Carrie flees from the demons of her present, trying to protect the ones she loves.
Frankie hides from the demons of her past, and the memory of loved ones she failed to protect.
A modern day princess thrown to the wolves, Carrie’s only hope is the rancher who had spent the better part of a decade in self imposed, near total, isolation. Frankie’s history of losing those she tries to save haunts her, but this madman threatens her home, her livestock, her sanctuary. She knows she can’t do it alone, has she still got enough support from her oldest friends? 






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This is a re-release with a new cover.

Religious Experience ~ An Audiobook — K’Anne Meinel

Marissa and Reanne, after years of invitro fertilization are finally having the baby they so desperately sought.  There is a surprise though, there isn’t just one, there are three.  The mothers-to-be happily look forward to telling their families about the impending births.  Unfortunately, Marissa’s mother and father vehemently refuse to accept these extra children.  They […]

Religious Experience ~ An Audiobook — K’Anne Meinel

Beauty and the Beast — K’Anne Meinel

A tale for the ages.  A love that transcends time. Princess Gabrielle is required to marry a man to provide an heir for her family’s kingdom, but she is in love with her childhood best friend Rosie, who has secrets and obligations of her own. A horrendous mistake changes their fate forever… Charmaine, an innocent […]

Beauty and the Beast — K’Anne Meinel

Book Passport — K’Anne Meinel

So I had this idea. I made the initial mock-up and then passed it around to a few friends, getting their feedback, input, and ideas. It mushroomed from there because I have a tendency to overdo. That’s okay, because then you, my readers, benefit. Introducing the Book Passport! It’s a great way in which to […]

Book Passport — K’Anne Meinel

Lawyered ~ An Audiobook narrated by Cassandra Arnold — K’Anne Meinel

Discovering that you don’t have everything you thought you wanted is a surprise.  Getting a promotion, finding new friends, learning you are attracted to women…. Nia Toyomoto has worked hard all her life to prove she was the best; she graduated early from high school, college, and got the dream job in Manhattan.  Becoming a partner […]

Lawyered ~ An Audiobook narrated by Cassandra Arnold — K’Anne Meinel

Coming Soon — K’Anne Meinel

Thank you to all of you who have been so patient during these last years of covid, brain fog, surgery, and other illnesses. I’ve finally finished a book, it’s off to the editor, and I’ll be revealing the cover when I know an approximation of its release date. I know a few of you have […]

Coming Soon — K’Anne Meinel

L’Eredità Dell’ Outback (Outback Heritage in Italian) — K’Anne Meinel

La signora Mary Carmen Valenzuela Pearson eredita metà di un ranch di pecore, una stazione nell’Outback dell’Australia.  Già proprietaria di un ranch nella California centrale, questa eredità crea un enorme dilemma per l’ispano-americana.  Decidendo di vendere il suo ranch e viaggiare nell’Outback per vedere cosa le ha lasciato suo zio, carica i suoi figli, i suoi […]

L’Eredità Dell’ Outback (Outback Heritage in Italian) — K’Anne Meinel

Help out authors

K'Anne Meinel

There has been a huge upswing in author’s ebooks being returned to Amazon AFTER they have been read. As a reader this is VERY upsetting. Yes, Amazon’s return policy allows it. However, that doesn’t make it right. When you have read the book, you CONSUMED the product.  Returning a book after reading 10-20% is one thing. But when the book has been read in it’s entirety it should not be allowed to be returned. End of discussion. One author had triple digit returns for March! That same author had single digit returns the prior TWO months combined. Authors are not being paid accurately for their art. Please, Amazon change your policy! 

Please add your name to help at Then, please share on all your social media platforms.

Thank you in advance for all the authors this may help. Amazon literally has millions of authors, and we are all losing…

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Obras Maestras de Malicia (Malice Masterpieces 1 in Spanish)

K'Anne Meinel


Al conocer a una misteriosa mujer en un bar, la vida de Deirdre está a punto de cambiar. Los abusos de su marido cesan repentinamente cuando esta mujer entra en sus vidas. ¿Qué quiere esta mujer a cambio de su ayuda?

Al descubrir los abusos que Deirdre ha estado sufriendo a manos de su apuesto y poderoso marido, ¿qué puede hacer una mujer menuda como Alice para ayudarla a salir de una mala situación? ¿Qué querrá ella a cambio de esa ayuda?


Alice tiene una rutina que sólo sigue ella. Trata de no tenerla fuera de su casa, sin dejar nada al hábito que alguien pueda seguir… ¿la está siguiendo alguien?

El asesinato requiere técnica, requiere una planificación meticulosa, y un cuidado genuino si lo vas a hacer bien, ¿no? Los actos de violencia al azar no son el estilo de Alice, sin embargo, cuando la…

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