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Shadoe Publishing is pleased to participate with their authors in the MEGA LESFIC SALE!  Remember, it’s three days only….!

A.D. Campbell, Alex Spear, Angela Peach, Chris Parson, Crystianna Crawford, HollyAnne Weaver, Jennis Slaughter, K’Anne Meinel, Karen Baker, Maria Ayala, Maria Siopis, Prudence MacLeod, and Q.C. Masters all have books up on the sale.

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Latest by K’Anne Meinel

The story continues

Methodical Malice

Malevolent Malice

After Sasha by HollyAnne Weaver — Sapphic Reviews

Synopsis: Single mother Alison Aronov-Lockewood has just found herself face-to-face with a ghost. A living, breathing, ghost—of her lost wife Sasha, and mother to her daughter Lidi. After she manages to get her anxiety under control, she realizes that this apparent apparition is a wonderful woman, a woman of wit and charm, a woman who […]

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Unite ~ Forgotten Worlds by Prudence MacLeod


Caught up in an ancient battle the crew of EX-2 must face the gods themselves.  Before long the entire fleet is drawn into the conflict, a conflict that can only end one way, in the destruction of a traditional way of life, provided they can survive.

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Shanghaied by K’Anne Meinel —

A woman ahead of her time. What was the book about?A Woman Down Under Prequel. In a time when women were never allowed a mind of their own and good looks were paramount in becoming a wife, Mel (Melissa) Lawrence did not fit in. Mel’s father though, encouraged her to become her best self and […]

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I Heart Lesfic Holiday Mega Sale

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Check out the deals over at I Heart Lesfic‘s Holiday Mega Sale!

With more than 100 authors, we are pleased to include our authors and titles with this four-day event from December 26 ~ 30.  Check out the deals from:

New from Prudence MacLeod ~ Fleet ~ part of the Forgotten Worlds series


When you’re lost and alone you must put aside any hope of succor and become a scavenger, a hunter/gatherer, scrounge, sift through the debris life has left behind, seek out that which you need to survive.  The trick is to remain whole, to keep some sort of moral compass, to find that one line you will not cross.  This is now what faces the people of the last starship Reacher.

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Shoutout — Lesfic Bard Awards News

As authors, publishers, etc we want to see MORE movies with OUR stories. Isn’t it a dream to have our writings produced as a movie? With that in mind we are giving a shout out to a new website Lesflicks. Twitter: @LesFlicks Facebook: @LesFlicksMedia Insta: @LesFlicks Pinterest: @LesFlicks Video on demand platform: Website: Film Database: %5B…%5D

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WINNER! Best-Lesbian Historical Romance

Our author K’Anne Meinel wins for Pioneering!

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Check it out HERE with all the links.

Honorable Mention

Our author K’Anne Meinel received an Honorable Mention from the 2018-2019 Rainbow Awards!
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When faced with a species determined to destroy every other form of life there is only one thing to do, survive, any way you can.  So it becomes for the people of the Reacher, and to keep them alive, Suvi-jean Sorenson must release the tightly controlled warrior within her.  Above all else, she is SUVI 5, the ultimate survivor.


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