La Dama Justicia (Lady Justice in Spanish), a novel by Prudence MacLeod

Lady Dama Justicia

Tasha Stewart hizo un pacto con una diosa después de haber presenciado el asesinato de sus padres y de que su vida estuviera en peligro. Tasha, a cambio de superpoderes, traería Justicia a la ciudad. Una Justicia implacable y sin piedad que no tuviera necesidad de abogados o juicios. ¿Podrá ser capaz de cumplir su promesa sin que su verdadero ser se corrompa? ¿O sucumbirá a la fuerza fría e insensible que es La Dama Justicia? Sólo la inesperada compasión hacia un monstruo y su amistad con La Dama Azul la mantendrán firme en su convicción.

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Blood on the Snow by J.L. Crandall

Even as the Wolf Clan retreats to hidden places to rest and grow strong again, an ancient evil awakens in the north.  Weakened and scattered, the clan must none the less face this new enemy, even as the dark god himself arises to oppose them.  There will be blood spilled on the snows before it’s over.

Hunter ~ An Audiobook by Prudence MacLeod

The government kidnapped her mother. Some unknown entity slaughtered her father. The two forces have always chased her. One wants her as a specimen, the other wants her dead.
When a third force joins the chase, led by a hunter from another world, can Tracy Hawks maintain her advantage? Will she ever have a safe place to call home?

The Device ~ An Audiobook by Maria Siopis

An elusive and dangerous serial killer is terrorizing New York. The murderer’s method of operation is baffling and grotesque. There seems to be a specific purpose for the killings, but no one can quite grasp it.
When two police detectives arrive at the first crime scene, their dislike of each other is evident, and they immediately collide. Fiona Sapiro, head of the newly conceived New York Special Force unit, urgently seeks to become involved with the investigation and help end to the deadly assaults. Sophie Andrews, a detective from the nearby precinct where the murders occurred, rejects all offers of Fiona’s participation. Both women desire an end to the bloodshed and the capture of the killer, but first, they will need to put their differences aside to solve the crimes. 
Over time, the killer becomes progressively more arrogant, and the carnage at the crime scenes intensifies. As Fiona and Sophie are forced to accept collaboration, their relationship deepens. Will they finally acknowledge they are a perfect fit, or will they run away from feelings that both deem perilous?
One thing is certain … the killing must stop!

Assasin of Nova ~ An Audiobook

He sacrificed his humanity to save his loved ones. The Company left them to die. Now he’s looking for revenge. The utter destruction of everything the Company holds dear. The Company’s CEO has a daughter. A child for a child, if Rathbone can survive the hunt for her.
When she turns out to be the companion of the Black Witch of Nova, Rath might have to find a new target. He has certainly found a new army, a new purpose, a new lease on life, and most importantly, a new family.

Leaving Afghanistan Behind ~ An Audiobook

Amelia Gittens, a black female, has the distinct honor of being the first female to be admitted to the US Army’s elite group of snipers, fighting in Afghanistan.  It doesn’t come without its price, though, as she comes back as so many veterans do with post-traumatic stress syndrome complete with major flashbacks.  Working as a New York City police officer, she is involved with a suspect shooting.  Unfortunately for her, it is the cousin of a major international drug dealer who seeks revenge on her and her partner, as well as the departmental psychiatrist.  Amelia responds the only way she knows how, falling back upon her military training to keep her ward safe while the situation is being resolved.  The whole while, she is battling her own inner demons, fighting with herself to keep them at bay, nearly tearing herself apart.

IGEN by Prudence MacLeod

The hopes, dreams, and ambitions of one generation are not easily passed on to succeeding generations.  In the enclosed world of Igen they failed, the people weakened and faltered, staggering to the brink of extinction.  Their only hope lay in the arrival of their greatest fear, the Outsiders, but did they come to save or destroy?

Sacred Grounds from Maria Siopis

Rachael O’Connor is trapped in the mortal realm again, and no matter how hard she tries she never accomplishes her goal of crossing to the divine end. However, this time is different. Rachael doesn’t proclaim her innocence in front of the judge as she has done in the past. Instead she embraces the journey to another era no matter how painful it is. In this journey Rachael battles dark forces that will produce heartache and pain, yet she is willing to sacrifice everything to be with Elizabeth. Is she going to find out the true meaning or will she be forced to assume another life when she faces the judge? One person holds the answers, but Rachael has to listen. Will she? 

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Awakened by J.L. Crandall

Awakened Front Cover

He’d always been a warrior, a hunter, fighting battle after battle over the ages, always hunting, seeking the woman whose face appeared to him in the embers of the fire. 

Through all her long life she had waited and watched, hoping against hope. 

And ever the lords of darkness sought to keep them apart, for should they ever meet the old gods would awaken and the final battle would be upon them.

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Frankie ~ An Audiobook by Prudence MacLeod and Crystianna Crawford


Carrie flees from the demons of her present, trying to protect the ones she loves.

Frankie hides from the demons of her past, and the memory of loved ones she failed to protect.

A modern day princess thrown to the wolves, Carrie’s only hope is the rancher who had spent the better part of a decade in self imposed, near total, isolation. Frankie’s history of losing those she tries to save haunts her, but this madman threatens her home, her livestock, her sanctuary. She knows she can’t do it alone, has she still got enough support from her oldest friends? 

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