2019 Winners — Lesfic Bard Awards News

Action Adventure Over the Crescent Moon by Karen D. Badger Makaya Kapule and Spencer Bennet are from vastly different backgrounds…Makaya from Hawaii and Spencer from Vermont. They met and fell in love as members of the National Fencing Team. On hiatus from their grueling training schedule, Makaya and Spencer fly to Hawaii to attend her […]

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2019 Finalists — Lesfic Bard Awards News

Action Adventure Compound Interest by Annette Mori The kick-ass women in The Organization are back and they have their sights set on a few new recruits. Not everyone is jumping for joy at the choices, considering subterfuge is front and center in the games the new recruits have been playing. Dani is supposed to get […]

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Traveling Heart by new author Sylvie Vaillancourt

Traveling Heart Cover

Amanda is a go-getter!  She’s smart and ambitious, but her naiveté and wealth attracts deceptive users into her circle.  She must be constantly vigilant to protect her family and friends and her most vulnerable heart.

Having developed a passion for traveling and photography from spending countless hours with her father while growing up, she uses her unique style of photography to establish a wildly successful career.  However, spending a great deal of time away from home prevents Amanda from developing strong, meaningful bonds in any of her relationships.

When Amanda meets Sally at her first photography exhibition, she desires much more than a one-night stand with this exquisite woman, but Sally struggles with the nature of Amanda’s job and her frequent absences.  

Their paths cross frequently, but Sally’s fears and doubts will sorely test Amanda’s willingness to be with her.  Will Amanda and Sally ever find their happily ever after?

A taste:

Amanda posed with clients and fans alike and answered questions while walking along the displays looking at her work.

Amanda stopped in front of a nude she had made of Roberta. It was a revealing pose except neither her face nor her hands were showing to divulge her identity. She was delighted when she noticed a red dot on its card. Amanda looked at it intently and remembered a time when Roberta had loved her very much.

Amanda realized there was a presence by her side. When she turned to look, the sinuous brunette was standing nearby holding a bottle of sparkling water for her.

“I guessed with all the talking, you must be thirsty.” She offered the beverage with a smile.

“I am. Thank you.” Amanda took the bottle then took a pull on the straw. It felt good, and she took a few seconds before she could express her full gratitude.

“My name is Sally Worthington. I’m a friend of the TV journalist that interviewed you over an hour ago. Thank you for sending the waiter my way with wine and appetizers. That was very thoughtful of you.”

“Don’t mention it. It was only natural that you should get something to drink and eat. I did not expect such a turnout. I saw you were interested in some of my prints. Would you like me to give you a tour?”

“Yes, please.” Sally looped her arm into Amanda’s and followed along as Amanda mentioned where she had taken the shots Sally seemed most attracted to.

Sally was easy to be with. She was very attentive and asked intelligent questions. She also looked comfortable with herself, and she had a pleasant disposition.

When Amanda mentioned where she took the shots and gave details, occasionally Sally would say she had vacationed there or somewhere nearby, so Amanda discovered she liked to travel. Amanda felt comfortable with her, and Sally seemed to reciprocate the feeling. Sally kept close to her, their hands touching, and often, she would loop her arm into Amanda’s.

Around eleven o’clock, Amanda thanked everyone as they were leaving. She went to the band and thanked them for the excellence of their musical selections, then thanked the serving staff from the catering company for their exceptional service for the evening. Amanda was starving, so she sat at the bar to eat a few appetizers.

Sally asked her, “Did you find time to eat anything during the evening?”
Amanda looked at her as she realized she had eaten only a few appetizers. “Jason, please make me a cosmopolitan. Also, make a martini with two olives for my guest.” Sally was pleasantly surprised that Amanda had noticed her drink of choice.

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Dragonae by J.L. Crandall


Duggal was a blacksmith and content to be so, but fate and destiny had other plans for the only man to ever slay a dragon.  War rages everywhere, and the burden he carries weighs heavy, but the knowledge of his approaching destiny weighs heavier.  Sweet dreams of days at the forge are lost in the search for the Lady of the Axe.  He must find her for the fate of many depends upon it.  And so does his.

A heavy sigh escaped his lips as, leaning on his great sword for support, he reached down and scooped up his helmet.  With a visible effort he managed to get the sword into the scabbard that rode at his back.  Only then did he turn around to see the fate of the king.

The king lay dead, along with his two sons, mere paces from where he stood.  “They called me the Dragonae, the warrior who cannot be killed, the one man who could protect them, keep them alive.”  He paused to gaze at them for a moment.  “I guess they were half right.”

He took the fallen king’s sword from his hand and stuck it in the ground, lifted the broken crown and hung it on the pommel, then sadly turned away.

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