The Whispering of the Dead by Maria Siopis

When Sophie Dilos endeavors to probe her family’s past, she is overwhelmed by the secrets and lies she uncovers.  Yet, that brings her closer to Francesca, who she comes to realize is connected to her in more than one way.  Their relationship grows even more complicated when Sophie, after completing her degree in Homeland Security in Israel, becomes involved in investigating the terror attacks at Francesca’s shipping company in Greece.
Sophie enlists the help of her colleagues to uncover the attackers.  Unless Sophie and the talent she recruits are successful in unraveling the attacks, the dynamics of their team will be exposed to imminent risk of disaster.  Soon, Sophie realizes she has three killers on her team, and the whispering of the dead—what she calls a minor abnormality that has followed her throughout her life—intensifies.  What will finally quiet the voices, and who will survive the quest to find the killers behind the terror attacks?  

Heir to the Throne ~ Audiobooks

A woman is taken, tortured, and suddenly Rhonda’s thrust into a position of command that she doesn’t want. What if she screws it up? What if it all goes wrong and blows up in her face getting everyone killed? She’s utterly terrified, and the man she depends on most just sits there waiting for orders. Will she succeed on her own or fail and bring ruin to all?

Changed ~ An Audiobook by J.L. Crandall

With the awakening of the Elder Folk, the world began to change, and so did some of her people.  Even the Lady Ketdryn had change forced upon her and so she abandoned her oath of harm none.  With an army of elves behind her, she set out to do great harm.  She would reclaim her lost lover, and she would kill the man who maimed him.

Claimstake ~ An Audiobook by Prudence MacLeod

If the Novans thought their victory in the Galactic War would allow them a lifetime of peace, they were wrong. Enemies are popping up everywhere, suspicions abound, and they are left with nowhere to go.
When the Novan Witches blew apart a sun they created a gap in space-time-reality. That gap is growing and now they have nowhere else to go. Can they survive in the Gap?

Hunter ~ An Audiobook by Prudence MacLeod

The government kidnapped her mother. Some unknown entity slaughtered her father. The two forces have always chased her. One wants her as a specimen, the other wants her dead.
When a third force joins the chase, led by a hunter from another world, can Tracy Hawks maintain her advantage? Will she ever have a safe place to call home?

Awakened ~ An Audiobook

He’d always been a warrior, a hunter, fighting battle after battle over the ages, always hunting, seeking the woman whose face appeared to him in the embers of the fire.  
Through all her long life she had waited and watched, hoping against hope. 
And ever the lords of darkness sought to keep them apart, for should they ever meet the old gods would awaken and the final battle would be upon them.

Charming Thief ~ Diamonds are a girl’s best friend ~ Audiobook — K’Anne Meinel

Simone takes a trip to Antwerp, Belgium. Four out of Five diamonds come through this capital. Is it too much for this thief to take on the job she has agreed to undertake? Will she get caught? How do you hide that many diamonds? And coming soon to:

Charming Thief ~ Diamonds are a girl’s best friend ~ Audiobook — K’Anne Meinel

Race the Wind ~ Audiobook

Another non-human has appeared, but this mission will test both Igor and his beloved Lady Hawk to the edge, challenging both their skills and their bonds. The wolf mates for life, and Igor is the ultimate wolf, but will the Hawk remain true? Also, they are being hunted, but are unaware of the covert pursuit until almost too late.