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We just added a page to our website that includes a lot of data on Social Media, this is a great read for newbies out there and even for some ‘old timers’ like ourselves, learning new tricks and how to: http://www.shadoepublishing.com/networking-tips/

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Blog, this is important for your Social Footprint!  Take a look!

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LARGE PRINT ~ Malice Masterpieces

K'Anne Meinel

Malice Masterpieces The First Five Books Paperback Cover

All FIVE of the FIRST five books in this EXCITING series contained in one novel!





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~LARGE Print~ Children of Another Mother

Another GREAT K’Anne Meinel novel available in LARGE PRINT!

K'Anne Meinel

Children of Another Mother SP Paperback Cover

Dealing with the death of your best friend, the second parent to your children, your mother is hard enough but Kay now also has to deal with the house she had bought for them to all live in.  It’s a ‘fixer upper’ and requires a lot of work for the single mom.  A new home, a new life, new friends leads to a family she hadn’t anticipated or planned for…

Kay is doing the best she can, trying to deal with everything when Jackie enters her life.  They become good friends but how was Kay to know that she would change her life in ways she had never anticipated…





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Long Distance Romance LARGE PRINT

WHY Large PRINT? Why not? There is a large section of the WORLD Population who can’t read the small print in most books nowadays. Why not buy a tablet (nook, kindle, other)? Some people (I know I am one of them, LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel of a book in their hands. From the crisp clean pages, to the smell of a freshly opened book, to the weight of it as you turn the pages, desperately waiting to find out what is going to happen next! By the time you read this, K’Anne Meinel will have THREE LARGE PRINT books out, this one included and with a segment of the world population who also ENJOYS a good romance, a LESBIAN romance, there is more to offer her readers and potential readers! Give it a look-see!

K'Anne Meinel

Long Distance Romance

When you unexpectedly fall in love, don’t you take it for what it’s worth?  Don’t you love the person while you can?  When you can?  What if they live on the other side of the globe though?  Could you handle that long of a distance?  Patience becomes the word when two women of independent character fall unexpectedly in love.  From different lifestyles, to different geographic locations, the problems of maintaining this relationship seem astronomical.  Just when they think they have solved these minor problems, new ones seem to pop up.  Will they survive a Long Distance Romance?

Eliza is from the Midwestern United States, Wisconsin.  Independent, a business woman who has finally achieved her dream.  She is determined to fulfill and continue to live this dream when in walks a woman that knocks the old dreams out of her head for new ones.  Will she someday have the woman…

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K'Anne Meinel

So, I thought, why not. It’s ‘JUST’ a matter of reformatting right?


The amount of work in going from a standard 6″x9″ book to an 8″x11″ was a surprise to me.  I started with my first novel, SHIPS.  It required a lot of work!  Surprising the discoveries too!  For instance, did you know that the typestyle is important to make it clear and concise for the reader.  That made sense to me.  But the font size was the biggest surprise.  It just LEAPS out at you as you read it.  Using the ‘standard’ size and the increase in size of the font the book would have been well over 900 pages!  Instead, I went with a bigger size and still the book was over 500 pages!  As I look at the finished product though I cannot but think how wonderful it looks and I hope those who will buy…

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NEW RELEASE: Timed Romance by K’Anne Meinel








Falling in love gives you no time or place, no reason or excuses.  It’s a deliberate act that can leave you breathless from ecstasy or pain.  There is no rhyme, no sense, no time.  There is no precedence, no priority, it befuddles you.  In the right time and place it can cause you to reach the highest highs or the lowest of lows.  Bad timing though for any romance can hurt you more than the love itself.

Reese has landed her dream job abroad.  As she takes the challenge up she finds a relationship she never intended.  Her romance with what is technically her employer heats up and both of them find themselves falling in love.  It is perhaps the timing of this love that is their downfall.

Lady Cavindish has never been in love before with man or woman.  Her past haunts her.  Her present isn’t much of a life.  Reese enters her life to be admired, to be emulated, to be loved.  Her love is the best thing in this noble’s world until life and real noble intentions wrench them apart.

Fate however brings them together time and time again, can it time their romance so they can have their happily ever after or is it determined to rip their hearts raw time and time again?