Sylvie Vaillancourt joins Shadoe Publishing


Sylvie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada where she lives with her common-law partner of 22 years.  She currently works as a senior clerk for a local hospital.  She enjoys reading and writing, photography, woodcarving, stained glass and watercolor.  She and her partner enjoy annual visits to Maine, Ottawa and Toronto in Ontario as well as visiting Old Quebec.  She enjoys sightseeing and trying out new restaurants when she travels.

Watch for Sylvie’s first novel with Shadoe next spring!

Shadoe Publishing is pleased to bring you Jerald Maynard’s first novel: IRRESISTIBLE IMPULSE


When Mary Beth Kracko is found murdered in the enlisted housing area of Fort Kellog, Special Agent Barry Sheldon and Special Agent Robert Downs of the CID are put on the case. As the CID Agents investigate, they find there is a lot more to this than a simple homicide as they unravel a mystery where their own lives may be at stake.

In 1971, the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command was designated as a separate major Army Command-to avoid command influence and give the investigating agents more room to do their jobs.  These Agents are now only three phone calls from the Chief of Staff. Working with local commanders, the CID stands ready to solve crimes from the petty to the truly heinous.

As the killer watches Agents Sheldon and Downs investigate the murder, his curiosity and impulses are at war with each other.  Most people can control their urges, or impulses, but a certain few can’t do that.  They feel this compelling urge to do something and they do it.  The assailant had an impulse he couldn’t control and now there is a dead woman.  Is it the first, will it be the last, will he be able to control his irresistible impulses?

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