ALEX SPEAR signs with Shadoe Publishing!


Alex Spear loves traveling the world listening for stories.  Born in London, she now lives with her wife and by the sea.  Many, many decades have passed since Alex was at school but she still gets told off for being easily distracted.  She will typically be writing two novels, a blog and a TV script all at once while reading half a dozen novels (none from beginning to end) while talking to good friends online, on the phone, and to her cat.  Alex says, “I am passionate about women and my mission is to tell our stories.  The power of female relationships, from friendships to love affairs and everything in between, is the true history of the world.  I want women to enjoy themselves more, and to look after themselves at least as well as they do everyone else.”

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DARK TRAVELER by Prudence MacLeod

Dark Traveler cover


On a medieval world, Dale, a bi-gender teenager, is on the run, from the authorities, from him/herself, and something far worse. Sometimes the thing you fear most is exactly what is needed, and Dale’s need is desperate. Destiny rarely comes at an opportune moment, and Dale’s destiny is nearly upon him…her…both…

E-Book and Paperback!

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Pruence MacLeod’s latest release: PHOENIX

Phoenix coverEarth and Eladia are being invaded by a race of destroyers. Only one hope remains for either world to survive, the good will of a mad woman, his daughter. Can Charles Carter convince her to help or will she even care?

“What do you want with me?”

“That choice is yours to make, little sister. Come, sit with us and we will explain.  Come girl. Did we wish to harm you, it would have already happened.” Warily, Cheryl approached the strange beautiful woman who had just torn apart her abductors, and then carried her away over the rooftops. “What is your name?”

“Cheryl, my name is Cheryl.”

“Greetings, sister Cheryl. We are Phoenix.”

“Why do you always talk like there are two of you?”

“Because there are actually three of us,” laughed the woman softly. “This being you see is comprised of two others. They were melded to make one, but it did not quite work as it was supposed to. We were supposed to become one, but we are still here and so is the one we made. The part of us that was like you, was called Megan Carter.”

“I remember her. She volunteered at the mission. How did this happen?”

“That is a long tale, Cheryl dear sister, and we have not the time for the telling.  Already we hear the sounds of police cars and helicopters. We must hurry. We chose you for your courage, little sister. The race of the Elade is in great need of courageous warriors. If you choose to come with us you would become like us, and serve both as our bodyguard and as a warrior of the Elade.”

“What if I don’t want to go with you?”

“We will put you back on the street, and you will not see us again. Time grows short, Sister Cheryl. You must choose.”

“I’ve had enough of this life,” sighed the girl. “After what they did to me, I don’t ever want to be manhandled again. Do it, Phoenix. Make me like you.”

“Excellent,” cried the strange woman, as she leaped to her feet and, with a wave of her hand, created a wall of liquid moonlight right in front of them. “Take a deep breath, Sister Cheryl, and hold tight to me.” As Cheryl’s hand closed on her, the woman leaped forward carrying Cheryl through the liquid wall and into darkness.

In both E-Book and Paperback!

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Jeffrey Niewinski’s FIRST novel released from Shadoe Publishing

Final Book Cover Idea

Welcome to Paris, “The City of Lights”—where the only requirement to visit is being “Undead.”

Struggling with a past tragedy and growing unrest with my sister, I accepted an invitation to visit my very close friends in Paris.

My early morning flight had just arrived in Paris. As I made my way through the busy concourse, timed seemed to stop. All my mind could register were the three friends  standing in front of me. Janine and her two Brother’s, Luc and Jaycee.

Meanwhile, back in the States my sister Elena had taken great joy in antagonizing me. Elena’s jealousy would come to be the driving force that would lead to the culmination of a showdown that will resolve a past injustice and ultimately lead to the destruction of our relationship, and a much darker, sinister means to an end.

Would the love that Luc and I came to share, along with Janine and Jaycee be enough to overcome the deceit, treachery and betrayal we would encounter? Would the secret my friends have destroy me or renew me?

Little did I know, they would literally hold my soul in their hands.

In both Paperback and E-Book!


Shadoe Publishing releases Tiffany Nicole’s novel: The Other Side of Indifference

The Other Side of Indifference

London Pereira is a mid-career TV anchorwoman wanting to move from her prestigious anchor position into world-travelling investigative reporting. At a chance meeting of corporate executives, she meets Madeline Ross, a well-respected and successful Ad Marketing executive. Both women are single lesbians, at first unknown to each other, but both strangely drawn to the other. Under the pretense of having their two companies work together, London engineers a way to see more of Maddie, hoping to ignite romance. Maddie secretly plans the same thing. When their plans lead to sensual fruition, the chance for a love of a lifetime blossoms, but with unforeseen complications that their new romance might not withstand.

The Other Side of Indifference:



Shadoe Publishing proudly releases K’Anne Meinel’s latest novel: SMALL TOWN ANGEL

Front Cover

Small towns are notorious for secrets … but what if you bring your secrets with you?

Amy Adams arrives in Northpoint, Wisconsin on a Greyhound bus.  Small towns are well known for not taking to strangers, but THIS stranger decides to stay.

Amy has a look around and to her, it ‘feels’ like home. She rents a cabin in the woods outside of town and proceeds to look for a place to open a store.  Renting to own from one of the locals, she soon finds herself making friends and making waves.  She won’t discuss where she is from and has nothing to say about her past.

People are extremely curious. This Southern Belle has them talking.

Abby Shipman, the Chief of Police in this neck of the woods is intrigued by the decidedly mysterious and straight redheaded whirlwind that has blown into town. It’s curious that she won’t talk about her past and she is certainly uncomfortable around Abby … or is it cops in general?

Paperback                                                   E-Book


Shadoe Publishing proudly releases HollyAnne Weavers: LEAVING AFGHANISTAN BEHIND

Leaving Afghanistan Behind

Amelia Gittens, a black female, has the distinct honor of being the first female to be admitted to the US Army’s elite group of snipers, fighting in Afghanistan.  It doesn’t come without its price, though, as she comes back as so many veterans do with post-traumatic stress syndrome complete with major flashbacks.  Working as a New York City police officer, she is involved with a suspect shooting.  Unfortunately for her, it is the cousin of a major international drug dealer who seeks revenge on her and her partner, as well as the departmental psychiatrist.  Amelia responds the only way she knows how, falling back upon her military training to keep her ward safe while the situation is being resolved.  The whole while, she is battling her own inner demons, fighting with herself to keep them at bay, nearly tearing herself apart.

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Paperback                                E-Book