Shadoe Publishing PROUDLY announces our FIRST translated book by K’Anne Meinel: VAQUERA SÁFICA

Vaquera Safica Front Cover

A great novella in English, now for the Spanish market!  If you know someone who speaks or reads Spanish and would enjoy a good read, this is the first of many we have coming out!

Marley se ha convertido en una exitosa ranchera y criadora de caballos.  Los caballos Gypsy Vanner se han convertido en su vida.  Ella toma TODAS las decisiones de su vida, de su trabajo, y de su hogar, pero está terriblemente sola.

Alexandra, o Alex como la llaman sus amigos, ha sido independiente y estado sola durante mucho tiempo.  Muy exitosa en su trabajo, el cual le da gran satisfacción, encuentra que estar sola es su desventaja más grande.

Cuando las dos amigas de toda la vida se reúnen después de años aparte, ¿podría la chispa que ahora sienten cerrar la brecha que las separó durante tanto tiempo? ¿Han ambas crecido y superado la mezquindad y la competencia que las guió antes? Como mujeres adultas, ¿reconocerán la chispa como atracción y harán algo al respecto?

Para Alex son muchas primeras oportunidades, ¿podrá sobreponer su vacilación de la atracción que siente por su ex amiga, podrá confiar en Marley lo suficiente como para entrar en una relación sexual que afectará la vida de ambas?


A new release from Prudence MacLeod SHELLY

Shelly Cover

Shelly is a troubled teenage transsexual. Can she escape the family violence and find love, a place in the world, or is her life over when her abusive father decides to work at home?

A wonderful book that helps you understand what a teenage transsexual goes through and that it is possible for people not only to understand and accept, but to fall in love ~ K’Anne Meinel, fellow author and publisher

In E-Book & Paperback

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Shadoe Publishing is now a P.A.L. Publisher!

Shadoe Publishing 1Shadoe Publishing proudly announces that it is NOW a P.A.L. Publisher as established by  the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators, THE international professional organization for writers and illustrators of children’s literature.

What does this mean for you?  Well if you have children’s books, particularly LGBT themed children’s books, you can publish them with us with confidence!

Some of the guidelines include:

  1. The author/illustrator shall not have paid any money or consideration for the publication of their work in any format.  This would eliminate all vanity publishing and subsidy publishing.
  2. The publisher (whether traditional or new media) must have a professional editorial process prior to publication, at no charge to the author/illustrator.
  3. There must exist a means of broad distribution to the retail customer.
  4. The publisher must publish works from more than one author and illustrator, or family. Thus, if there are several illustrators but only one author(or vice versa) it will not qualify.
  5. The publisher must have published at least one prior list, or in the case of a digital publisher, have been in business for a minimum of one year.
  6. The publisher, whether traditional or new media,  provides a means of marketing at no cost to the author illustrator.

So come on and check out SHADOE PUBLISHING and it’s authors!  We are a growing company and we’d like you to grow along WITH us!

Genta Sebastian, our GOLDIE AWARD-WINNING novelist is one of the many who will benefit from this exclusive membership!  Take a look at her children’s novel RIDING THE RAINBOW!


Shadoe Publishing announces NOMINATIONS for awards for our authors

Award Nominated2

Shadoe Publishing is pleased to announce that we have nominated our authors in the following categories for their books at the Golden Crown Literary Society.  We will announce if they should become FINALISTS in January when GCLS announces them.  We will announce the WINNERS from the 2016 Conference in Washington D.C in July!

  • Ann Bannon Popular Choice                   K’Anne Meinel          Small Town Angel
  • Debut Author                                           Karen Baker             Dakota
  • Debut Author                                           HollyAnne Weaver    Leaving Afghanistan Behind
  • Debut Author                                           Chris Parsons           The Small Step Journey
  • Debut Author                                           Maria Ayala               The Tiger and The Snake
  • Dramatic/General Fiction                         Karen Baker               Dakota
  • Dramatic/General Fiction                         HollyAnne Weaver      Leaving Afghanistan Behind
  • Dramatic/General Fiction                         Rachel Maldonado     The Death Room
  • Poetry                                                      Chris Parsons             The Small Step Journey
  • Poetry                                                       Maria Ayala                 The Tiger and The Snake
  • Romantic/Intrigue/Suspense                     K’Anne Meinel             Blown Away
  • Romantic/Intrigue/Suspense                     K’Anne Meinel             Small Town Angel
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy                            Prudence MacLeod     Hell Comes Home
  • Tee Corrine Outstanding Cover Design    K’Anne Meinel             Blown Away
  • Tee Corrine Outstanding Cover Design    Nancy Fry                    Dakota
  • Tee Corrine Outstanding Cover Design    Crystianna Crawford    Hell Comes Home
  • Tee Corrine Outstanding Cover Design    K’Anne Meinel              Leaving Afghanistan Behind
  • Tee Corrine Outstanding Cover Design    K’Anne Meinel              Small Town Angel
  • Tee Corrine Outstanding Cover Design    Chris Parsons              The Small Step Journey
  • Tee Corrine Outstanding Cover Design    K’Anne Meinel              The Tiger and The Snake

Blown Away The Alternate CoverDakotaHell Comes Home Front CoverLeaving Afghanistan BehindFront CoverFront CoverFront Cover