K'Anne Meinel

So, I thought, why not. It’s ‘JUST’ a matter of reformatting right?


The amount of work in going from a standard 6″x9″ book to an 8″x11″ was a surprise to me.  I started with my first novel, SHIPS.  It required a lot of work!  Surprising the discoveries too!  For instance, did you know that the typestyle is important to make it clear and concise for the reader.  That made sense to me.  But the font size was the biggest surprise.  It just LEAPS out at you as you read it.  Using the ‘standard’ size and the increase in size of the font the book would have been well over 900 pages!  Instead, I went with a bigger size and still the book was over 500 pages!  As I look at the finished product though I cannot but think how wonderful it looks and I hope those who will buy…

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