Shadoe Publishing PROUDLY presents A.E. Jones FIRST novel: Just Life and Love

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This romance does not stop at the bedroom door, it brings you into the minds of two women falling in love.  In Just Life & Love, the first installment in the love story of Elaine and Taryn, you get an inside look, up close and personal, at how things happen in the lesbian world; socially, romantically, as well as professionally.  Just a heads up, this book is very racy, but heartfelt. You’ll feel as though you’re a part of everything that happens in this beautiful love story – in their bedroom or wherever they are.  Whether you’re laughing, crying, or caught off guard, this book will draw you in and cause many reactions that will leave you heavily anticipating the next.

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Coming of Age by HollyAnne Weaver

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Sophie Duncan should have been at the perfect point in her life:  graduated from university, young, full of energy, and with the desire to take on the world single-handedly.  Yet nothing seemed to be happening.  She’d even gone so far as to plan a little pity-party for herself at a local pub with a few of her mates, but had been stood up by every one of them.  Just at the point her life should be beginning, it seemed instead as if it was crumbling away underneath her.  Then stumbling, not from intoxication, but in a tear-filled state, she manages to drench Pam Browning, a complete and total stranger, wearing a white silk blouse with her drink, ruining it.  Although she promises to replace the blouse, neither woman expects what’s about to unfold in both their lives….

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Re-release of Jennis Slaughters: INTUITION

Updated, edited, and a little tweaking, here it is!intuition

In the sequel to Insight, Delaney and Raelin Delacroix have their past to come back to haunt them, but it’s not in the way that they expect.

Who has it out for the newly married couple? Is it family members who feel that they deserve some of the good fortune or someone that they missed during the wrap up of the human trafficking case?

Will the Montrose Ley Lines give them enough warning so that they can protect themselves and their friends or will they be silent, leaving the Delacroix’s to figure things out on their own.

Who has it out for them? Is it something more sinister?

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Baren Nix presents LOVE ME COMPLETELY

Love Me Completely Cover

After her unhappy marriage ends, Marie is lonely and looking for love.  Her usual methods of looking for that “someone special” haven’t worked.  After trying out a new technique, she meets two women: One a fun dance partner, the other may be the love of her life! 

Marie puts everything she has into the new relationship with Jada.  Wanting only Jada’s happiness, Marie sacrifices all…even her mental and physical health.  After learning of Jada’s family and personal secrets, she wonders if this is really the ideal relationship for her.

Is the younger, black woman really everything she was looking for?  Jada answered Marie’s call for companionship, but she is still holding on to the past, unwilling to share a closely guarded secret with her mother.  When she’s confronted with some disturbing news, it threatens to destroy her future.  Will secrets keep her from finding true happiness with Marie? 

“Kelly” finds herself strongly attracted to her new friend and dance partner.  She wants more than friendship and will do anything she can to realize that goal…even if she ruins Marie’s life in the process.  What is it inside “Kelly” that is compelling her to act this way?  Does she know?  Will Marie and Jada be able to solve the mystery in time?

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New release from Shadoe Publishing for K’Anne Meinel


Discovering that you don’t have everything you thought you wanted is a surprise.  Getting a promotion, finding new friends, learning you are attracted to women….

Nia Toyomoto has worked hard all her life to prove she was the best; she graduated early from high school, college, and got the dream job in Manhattan.  Becoming a partner at the tender age of thirty she thought she had it all until the law firm made demands about her personal appearance and a few other things that made her change her life for the promotion.  Then she realizes having everything isn’t all that it is cracked up to be without someone to share it with…

A successful lawyer in the big city, choices have to made, sacrifices and surprises await this beautiful and talented woman….does she make the right ones though?



New Release for Jennis Slaughter: A Sister’s Wish


When Navy SEAL Sydney Martin feels her twin sister die, she knows that she has her work cut out for her in finding who murdered her. When she gets a delayed text, asking her to protect something, she vows to do just that.

What she didn’t know was that her investigation would involve her sister’s best friend, computer programmer Chance O’Neil, and that they would end up running for their lives in search of the truth all while falling in love.

Would they be able to bring the guilty parties to justice before they are caught or will it all be for naught?

Shadoe Publishing is proud to announce the release of A SISTER’S WISH by Jennis Slaugher in both Paperback and E-Book!

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Matrimonial Malice (Book 6):

Alice is getting married, has she finally fallen in love…and first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby or babies in the baby carriage?  Is this possible for Alice’s cold little heart?

Mourning Malice (Book 7):

Dealing with the death of her wife, Alice finds raising a teenage daughter and two other children to be a challenge.  She hadn’t planned to ever be a parent, but for the love of her wife, now deceased she will do what she has to.

A threat to her teenage daughter leads to other revelations that bring out the ‘old’ Alice we all know and loved….her predator instincts are aroused…what will she do next?

Murderous Malice (Book 8):

Alice finds out the truth about the past year and the manipulations others have enacted on her and her family.  Her anger burns hot and she returns to what she was born to be…a killer.  Our anti-hero returns as she wreaks vengeance for the sake of her family…

Mental Malice (Book 9):

Kathy has to deal with the mental damage as well as the physical that has been inflicted on her. Between Federal Agents, Doctors, and her own family the stress is nearly killing her. Can Alice be patient enough to wait for her wife after she has been gone for so long, both mentally and physically…can Alice wait to extract revenge for what has been done to her wife?

Menacing Malice (Book 10):

Kathy has figured out Alice’s secret.  Can she deal with the enormity of realizing what a monster her wife is?  Will it destroy their marriage?  Will it destroy Kathy?  How can Kathy survive with the knowledge of what Alice is capable of?  Can Alice share herself completely and honestly with her wife?  Can she let her keep this knowledge?

NEW RELEASE: Timed Romance by K’Anne Meinel








Falling in love gives you no time or place, no reason or excuses.  It’s a deliberate act that can leave you breathless from ecstasy or pain.  There is no rhyme, no sense, no time.  There is no precedence, no priority, it befuddles you.  In the right time and place it can cause you to reach the highest highs or the lowest of lows.  Bad timing though for any romance can hurt you more than the love itself.

Reese has landed her dream job abroad.  As she takes the challenge up she finds a relationship she never intended.  Her romance with what is technically her employer heats up and both of them find themselves falling in love.  It is perhaps the timing of this love that is their downfall.

Lady Cavindish has never been in love before with man or woman.  Her past haunts her.  Her present isn’t much of a life.  Reese enters her life to be admired, to be emulated, to be loved.  Her love is the best thing in this noble’s world until life and real noble intentions wrench them apart.

Fate however brings them together time and time again, can it time their romance so they can have their happily ever after or is it determined to rip their hearts raw time and time again?