Lyman Rate signs with Shadoe Publishing

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Lyman Rate is an avid reader of military history as well as fantasy and science fiction.  When not working or writing, he is reading and if not doing those, is usually spending time with his wife and two dogs.  Lyman is married to his long-time girlfriend and with his dogs, Joplin and Zeus, has called Kansas home for most of his life.

In his free time, he likes to take nature walks and practice photography.  His writing career started about four years ago when he was challenged by his wife (at the time girlfriend) to see if he could write a novel.  Thinking this was a daunting task, he accepted the challenge and wrote his first book.  Since then he now has two published books with a third being published.

Lyman is grateful to have the ability to write and truly hopes that those who read his books will enjoy them as much as he enjoyed writing them.  Living in Kansas for the largest portion of his life has taught him that life is like a storm: It can be calm, but when that storm hits and everything is crazy, you hang on and the calm will return.

Lyman’s first book with Shadoe Publishing will be a fantasy fiction novel called:

The Messengers Quest Final E-Book Cover

Look for it later this year!

Sadie’s Revenge by Rose Stone

30492678 - mysterious woman in the mist

Slim Pritchard had been Sadie’s first kiss and he planned to make her his wife one day, but when Sadie meets her new neighbor, Sparrow, plans change. Sadie is in love for the very first time. 

One day, while defending Sadie, Sparrow comes to blows with Slim and he vows to take his revenge. Sadie’s life has already been marred by so many tragedies. Will Slim come between the lovers? Or will Sadie and Sparrow overcome adversity and be together forever?

A nice novella by Rose Stone!  Get it here:



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People Person by Alex Spear

People PersonShadoe Publishing is proud to release the first of THREE books by Alex Spear, here is PEOPLE PERSON!

Louisa Cannes is trying to juggle her human resources career with looking after her family and keeping her girlfriend interested.  Her ethics are repeatedly tested at the difficult job she depends on to pay for her nephew’s life-saving treatment.  Cripplingly long hours, an incompetent, lazy line manager and a couple of vindictive rivals don’t exactly help, and she is in danger of burning out.  But why does the evil boss, Penelope, seem determined to destroy Louisa one minute then groom her for promotion the next?  Can Louisa avoid competing with her best friend, can she still call herself a people person, and who can she really trust in the race to the top…? 





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ALEX SPEAR signs with Shadoe Publishing!


Alex Spear loves traveling the world listening for stories.  Born in London, she now lives with her wife and by the sea.  Many, many decades have passed since Alex was at school but she still gets told off for being easily distracted.  She will typically be writing two novels, a blog and a TV script all at once while reading half a dozen novels (none from beginning to end) while talking to good friends online, on the phone, and to her cat.  Alex says, “I am passionate about women and my mission is to tell our stories.  The power of female relationships, from friendships to love affairs and everything in between, is the true history of the world.  I want women to enjoy themselves more, and to look after themselves at least as well as they do everyone else.”

Watch for her books coming from Shadoe Publishing!

Shadoe Publishing proudly releases HollyAnne Weavers: LEAVING AFGHANISTAN BEHIND

Leaving Afghanistan Behind

Amelia Gittens, a black female, has the distinct honor of being the first female to be admitted to the US Army’s elite group of snipers, fighting in Afghanistan.  It doesn’t come without its price, though, as she comes back as so many veterans do with post-traumatic stress syndrome complete with major flashbacks.  Working as a New York City police officer, she is involved with a suspect shooting.  Unfortunately for her, it is the cousin of a major international drug dealer who seeks revenge on her and her partner, as well as the departmental psychiatrist.  Amelia responds the only way she knows how, falling back upon her military training to keep her ward safe while the situation is being resolved.  The whole while, she is battling her own inner demons, fighting with herself to keep them at bay, nearly tearing herself apart.

book-gif (1)2

Paperback                                E-Book

A.D. Campbell signs with Shadoe Publishing!


A.D. Campbell was born sometime in the 1980’sin Natchez, Mississippi. Growing up to the average middle class American family in the South, she has been writing since she was thirteen. A childhood spent reading everything she could get her hands on, playing sports not meant for little girls, and saving creepy crawlers gave the young bookworm a taste for literary adventure. If Indiana Jones has a reincarnation, it would be A.D.. Medical student by day, writer by night, no blank page is safe. 

Shadoe Publishing announces it’s new category: Children’s Books

Lost Puppy

Soon we will be releasing this wonderful story for children of LGBT couples.  Watch for it from Shadoe Publishing!  The first of many, Children, Teen, and Young Adult selections!

Francine Lauriano signs with Shadoe Publishing

10393170_10153003865188384_6132246099326858265_nFrancine Lauriano was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. She currently lives in New Jersey with her two children.  Francine writes children books and along with her illustrator shows children of LGBT families that they are not alone, that this is normal, and that they are part of a whole community just like them!  Her books show LGBT family diversity to the children and perhaps educate the adults as well!  Watch for her new childrens books from Shadoe Publishing later this year!

New Author for Shadoe Publishing: WELCOME, HollyAnne Weaver!

HollyAnne WeaverMs. Weaver has worked for many years in a scientifically-based career writing technical documents.  An avid reader from a very young age, she gradually began writing poetry and fiction, one of her current passions.  Growing up, Ms. Weaver was always fascinated with books and the ability of an author to write fiction.  A sequence of emails with a close friend led to her writing longer pieces, eventually culminating in her first novel being completed in 2010.  Ms. Weaver’s main writing focus is on lesbian fiction, although she has projects for mysteries and historical fiction already planned. 

Her first book with Shadoe Publishing should be out later this year!  WELCOME!


Genta Sebastian signs with Shadoe Publishing

Genta Sebastian lives with her wife in the thriving art culture that is the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With decades of experience entertaining audiences of all ages, she writes a wide range of fiction including LGBT YA, sci-fi/fantasy, and erotica. A professional storyteller and published author, her stories about living gay in America bring her unique perspective to emotional, social, and personal issues, offering hope and healing with humanity and laughter.