Awakened by J.L. Crandall

Awakened Front Cover

He’d always been a warrior, a hunter, fighting battle after battle over the ages, always hunting, seeking the woman whose face appeared to him in the embers of the fire. 

Through all her long life she had waited and watched, hoping against hope. 

And ever the lords of darkness sought to keep them apart, for should they ever meet the old gods would awaken and the final battle would be upon them.

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Vampire’s Lair by Prudence MacLeod ~ Third in the Children of the Wild Series


The vampire king’s promise of sanctuary, a safe haven for all non-humans, hangs in the balance.  Reluctantly, he sends his youngest agent to retrieve and hide a maddened were-bear.  If she can’t keep him out of the public eye then all will be lost, and she’s not doing so good.  The bear is elusive, savage, and on a killing spree.  If the humans find out about non-humans, they will hunt them into extinction.  She has to stop the bear, but first she has to catch him.

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Rise of The Queen (Volume 1) The Elvish Chronicles by Prudence MacLeod

Rise of the Queen front Cover

For thousands of years the High Born Elves have languished in the chains of slavery, their great strength gone, their extra keen senses dulled, and their immortality broken. Somehow, in spite of their harsh master’s efforts, the royal line managed to survive. Now, with the aid of a deadly assassin, the heir is about to shake off the chains of slavery, expose the lies, and bring her people to freedom. And she has no idea the magnitude of the task she has undertaken.





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Sadie’s Revenge by Rose Stone

30492678 - mysterious woman in the mist

Slim Pritchard had been Sadie’s first kiss and he planned to make her his wife one day, but when Sadie meets her new neighbor, Sparrow, plans change. Sadie is in love for the very first time. 

One day, while defending Sadie, Sparrow comes to blows with Slim and he vows to take his revenge. Sadie’s life has already been marred by so many tragedies. Will Slim come between the lovers? Or will Sadie and Sparrow overcome adversity and be together forever?

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The Watcher and the Warrior by Prudence MacLeod

Watcher and the Warrior

The FIFTH in the Children of the Goddess Series!

The forces of the Dark are on the move, humanity is vulnerable and unprepared. The goddess Moragah sends out her priestesses to find two people, to people to stop the encroaching darkness. One to see the when and where the conflict will happen, and one to halt the advance. The search was successful, in her lonely tower the Watcher sees all while below the Warrior continues to hone her skills, eagerly awaiting the battle to come.



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Lady Seeker by Prudence MacLeod

Lady Seeker

They say she can find anyone, anytime, anywhere. Run as far and fast as you can, gather friends with guns if you want, it won’t help you. She’s coming. There on your back trail, always there, always getting closer, is the Seeker. Nothing can stop the bounty hunter, nothing can turn her aside, and there’s only one thing she’s afraid of, the dragon rider.

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The Second by Prudence MacLeod

The Second Front

Oona, a slave beaten and tortured is saved from certain death by a pirate queen.  Nurtured and nursed back to health by Red Meera, Oona becomes the Second Queen of the Westermen, the largest fighting force in the known world.

When Meera falls near death from poison Oona becomes First Queen.  Will she use her new found power to avenge herself on her former master?  Indeed, she will, him and those who originally took her.  The wrath of the Westermen is about to fall on the slave masters.  There will be no mercy.



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Lady Shadow by Prudence MacLeod

Lady Shadow

Lexa Condon spent too much time in imaginary worlds until she witnessed a murder.  Now the killers are after her.  With her young life about to be snuffed out, she cries out for help.  Lexa is granted the power to create imaginary worlds herself.  Flexing her new powers she goes on the hunt for the killers, but her power is strong, and seductive.  Will she be drawn completely into a world of her own construction and disappear forever, or will she gain control and bring down the killers.  It will be a long trail and will have to face her own darkness before it’s over.

Killers are hunting for Lexa, but what they find is darkness and shadow.  Shadow and form, and then shadow again.  Even as they hunt her, mystery and madness hunt them.  And then there is that damn dragon.

E-Book & Paperback

Pruence MacLeod’s latest release: PHOENIX

Phoenix coverEarth and Eladia are being invaded by a race of destroyers. Only one hope remains for either world to survive, the good will of a mad woman, his daughter. Can Charles Carter convince her to help or will she even care?

“What do you want with me?”

“That choice is yours to make, little sister. Come, sit with us and we will explain.  Come girl. Did we wish to harm you, it would have already happened.” Warily, Cheryl approached the strange beautiful woman who had just torn apart her abductors, and then carried her away over the rooftops. “What is your name?”

“Cheryl, my name is Cheryl.”

“Greetings, sister Cheryl. We are Phoenix.”

“Why do you always talk like there are two of you?”

“Because there are actually three of us,” laughed the woman softly. “This being you see is comprised of two others. They were melded to make one, but it did not quite work as it was supposed to. We were supposed to become one, but we are still here and so is the one we made. The part of us that was like you, was called Megan Carter.”

“I remember her. She volunteered at the mission. How did this happen?”

“That is a long tale, Cheryl dear sister, and we have not the time for the telling.  Already we hear the sounds of police cars and helicopters. We must hurry. We chose you for your courage, little sister. The race of the Elade is in great need of courageous warriors. If you choose to come with us you would become like us, and serve both as our bodyguard and as a warrior of the Elade.”

“What if I don’t want to go with you?”

“We will put you back on the street, and you will not see us again. Time grows short, Sister Cheryl. You must choose.”

“I’ve had enough of this life,” sighed the girl. “After what they did to me, I don’t ever want to be manhandled again. Do it, Phoenix. Make me like you.”

“Excellent,” cried the strange woman, as she leaped to her feet and, with a wave of her hand, created a wall of liquid moonlight right in front of them. “Take a deep breath, Sister Cheryl, and hold tight to me.” As Cheryl’s hand closed on her, the woman leaped forward carrying Cheryl through the liquid wall and into darkness.

In both E-Book and Paperback!

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A new NOVA SERIES novel from Prudence MacLeod: CLAIMSTAKE

Claimstake Front Cover

If the Novans thought their victory in the Galactic War would allow them a lifetime of peace, they were wrong. Enemies are popping up everywhere, suspicions abound, and they are left with nowhere to go.

When the Novan Witches blew apart a sun they created a gap in space-time-reality. That gap is growing and now they have nowhere else to go. Can they survive in the Gap?

In E-book AND Paperback!


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