The Whispering of the Dead by Maria Siopis

When Sophie Dilos endeavors to probe her family’s past, she is overwhelmed by the secrets and lies she uncovers.  Yet, that brings her closer to Francesca, who she comes to realize is connected to her in more than one way.  Their relationship grows even more complicated when Sophie, after completing her degree in Homeland Security in Israel, becomes involved in investigating the terror attacks at Francesca’s shipping company in Greece.
Sophie enlists the help of her colleagues to uncover the attackers.  Unless Sophie and the talent she recruits are successful in unraveling the attacks, the dynamics of their team will be exposed to imminent risk of disaster.  Soon, Sophie realizes she has three killers on her team, and the whispering of the dead—what she calls a minor abnormality that has followed her throughout her life—intensifies.  What will finally quiet the voices, and who will survive the quest to find the killers behind the terror attacks?  

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