The much anticipated TWENTY-FIRST novella in the Malice Series by K’Anne Meinel is HERE!


She’s cold, she’s tired, and she just wants to go home to her family.  Those preventing Alice from reaching her goals are about to learn there is a steep price to pay when you get in her way.  With two civilians to protect from their enemies, will the horror she is about to unleash repel them or will they help her overcome the obstacles keeping her from her goals?

Alice is about to unleash the beast within.  Come along and watch as she makes decisions that may affect the rest of her life…they will most definitely affect others’ lives!






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Shadoe Publishing is pleased to bring you Jerald Maynard’s first novel: IRRESISTIBLE IMPULSE


When Mary Beth Kracko is found murdered in the enlisted housing area of Fort Kellog, Special Agent Barry Sheldon and Special Agent Robert Downs of the CID are put on the case. As the CID Agents investigate, they find there is a lot more to this than a simple homicide as they unravel a mystery where their own lives may be at stake.

In 1971, the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command was designated as a separate major Army Command-to avoid command influence and give the investigating agents more room to do their jobs.  These Agents are now only three phone calls from the Chief of Staff. Working with local commanders, the CID stands ready to solve crimes from the petty to the truly heinous.

As the killer watches Agents Sheldon and Downs investigate the murder, his curiosity and impulses are at war with each other.  Most people can control their urges, or impulses, but a certain few can’t do that.  They feel this compelling urge to do something and they do it.  The assailant had an impulse he couldn’t control and now there is a dead woman.  Is it the first, will it be the last, will he be able to control his irresistible impulses?

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A Lost Love novella by Jennis Slaughter

A Lost Love

Dawn Lorrayne isn’t happy, and she is going to make sure that no one else is happy…even if her macabre plan for revenge is the last thing that she does. 

Laurel Taylor has moved on with her life, and has found a new love in Alex James. They are making plans to take the next step in their relationship. 

To what lengths will all three go to in order to fulfill their destiny, or will Dawn’s violent plan end everything before it really gets started?



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Malice Masterpieces 3 from K’Anne Meinel

Malice Masterpieces 3 Angle

This E-Book is now available!  While the paperback has been out for some time, it is NEWLY available in E-book!

The third set of FIVE Malice books in the series, all here contained in one DELICIOUS and ENTHRALLING book! Including: Minor Malice (Book 11), Morally Malice (Book 12), Morose Malice (Book 13), Melancholy Malice (Book 14), and Mad Malice (Book 15)

Return from Exile by Prudence MacLeod



Return from Exile front cover

Defiant young Annie Laurie Balfour is sent to a distant land in hopes of avoiding a devastating public scandal.  There she acquires a dark and dangerous ally, a guardian angel of great and terrible power.  Together they return to Scotland to extract vengeance and gain justice for Annie.  Will they succeed or die in the attempt?  Only time will tell.

In Paperback AND E-Book!


Minacious Malice Book 19 1000

As Alice continues with her tale of where she has been for the last couple of years, Kathy realizes the tally of deaths is adding up.  The same reasons that caused their separation are still there.  Can she forgive, much less forget, why they broke up in the first place?

Murder, planned murder especially, takes time.  Alice must feel ‘justified’ in who she targets.  She also must take into account that Sasha is not only a witness, but an accomplice to what Alice must do.  Sasha will be shocked as she realizes the depth of what Alice is capable of.  Sasha must learn to ‘appreciate’ Alice and her ‘skills’.

Follow along as Sasha and Alice begin the hunt for those who had imprisoned them….


Re-release of Dawn Carter’s book: HEART OF VENGEANCE

Heart of Vengeance Front Cover

WARNING ~ book contains graphic violence towards women

A serial killer plagues the gay community and leaves a trail of dead bodies across state lines. Agent Danni Pacelli and Agent Parker Stevens rush against time to catch their killer and stop the body count from increasing.

Agent Parker Stevens life was perfect when transferred to a new city and new location which offered her solitude from the grief of losing her partner and children to a predator. But, while hunting down her suspect, she meets Samantha Petrino who takes the once closed off Stevens and opens a world to new love. The charming advertising agent breaks down her defenses, and no matter how hard she fights to protect her heart, she finds herself falling for the beautiful and intelligent woman.

New to the FBI, Agent Danni Pacelli’s struggles to balance her personal life along with the job, to save her relationship, she convinces her new partner to bring in Annabel and utilize the young detective’s skills to track down their killer or risk losing Annabel all together.

The heroic efforts of two agents who hunt down a serial killer, but find more than they bargained for.

Paperback & E-Book!

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Shadoe Publishing proudly announces the release of Rachel Maldonado’s THE DEATH ROOM

Front Cover

Roberta Pena finally has her dream job of being a Biology Teacher at the high school that she once attended, but something sinister lurks in her classroom. She begins to have unusual paranormal experiences. Is she simply losing her mind or is there a ghost trying to make contact? How will she deal with the mystery of the room that often smells of death and where she has begun to have so many unsettling and ghastly sightings? Will she solve the mystery or be forced to leave her career that she worked so hard to achieve? Might she find love in the process?

In Pocket Paperback and E-book form!

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Shadoe Publishing is proud to announce the release of all TEN of the first of K’Anne Meinel’s MALICE SERIES in Pocket Paperbacks!

Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover Book 2 Meticulous Malice Cover Book 3 Mistaken Malice Book 4 Malicious Malice Book 5 Masterful Malice Book 6 Matrimonial Malice Book 7 Mourning Malice Book 8 Murderous Malice Book 9 Mental Malice Book 10 Menacing Malice

Click on the cover to find your own Pocket Paperback!  A little Murder, a little Mystery, and voila we have the formula for a Lesbian Serial Killer who you cannot help but enjoy…this anti-hero does what you have always DREAMED of doing!  Killing those who NEED it!  Come on in and discover the world of Alice Weaver!

Malice Masterpieces the First Five Books Front Cover Malice Masterpieces 2

Or if you prefer a full length novel with the novellas contained within, click on these two!

Shadoe Publishing proudly releases another Pocket Paperback by K’Anne Meinel: MARINATING MALICE

Book 17 Marinating Malice

Kathy needs to move on but her thoughts seem to be keeping her in the past.  It is time though.  Her wife has been dead over eighteen months.  She has a girlfriend who would like to become her lover.  Is she ready to put the past behind her and move on?

Trust seems to be the issue, not on her part but on the part of Special Agent Linda Miller, is she ready to take the next step, clues to Kathy and her wife’s past seem to intrigue her a little too much, maybe it’s the cop in her.

Things seem to be conspiring to make Kathy crazy, is she really seeing the clues that point to what she thinks she is seeing?  Her friends keep telling her that she isn’t seeing what she thinks is there. Is it all in her mind?   Is it possible that her wife is still alive or is she only brimming with hope?  Her thoughts keep her prisoner…

In both E-Book & Pocket Paperback!

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