It’s that time of year again folks!  GCLS is in Chicago this year!  While our booth is similar to last years in Washington D.C., we DO have a few new writers and definitely some new books to show you!  Stop on by and chat us up!20160706_10153020160706_094347


Angela by Prudence MacLeod


From broke college student to wealthy philanthropist, Angela Davis’ place in the world has greatly improved since she met Calan, and she’s bringing her friends with her.

As Angie finds success and support in her field, she becomes an integral part of the Foundation and her gentle hand stills the beast that roars within Callie.

Proving that some family is chosen, regardless of blood, Leigh charms the mysterious man from Callie’s past so that the Highland Lady has time to remember who she has become.

Trudy has spent years paralyzed by fear, knowing that, until she conquers it, she may never know a full and happy life.  When she does finally face her fears, the arms she seeks will surprise everyone.


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Dawn Carter DEBUT Novel: The Crossroads

The Crossroads Cover Dawn Carter

Melanie Walker, a young woman, in good health, clever, quick-witted, unbending and ready to take on the world. She was the type of girl to never back down from anything; instead she pushed forth to stand up against injustice. Growing up, she always felt a connection with Wonder Woman, as if she was indestructible, though entirely receptive to the fact that she was not invincible and with one wrong turn, her life could end at any moment. A lesson a young girl should never have learned.

Samantha Petrino had it all, charm, confidence, a beautiful girlfriend, a heroic career in the advertising world and many love partners on the side. But, when paramedics arrived at a disastrous two-car collision to find an intoxicated Samantha Petrino at the scene, and the passenger of the car dead, a single mistake strips a once proud woman of the life she had built, her career, and freedom were now at stake.

Two women influenced by different cultures find friendship and develop a bond stronger than family or friendship. But, the invisible chains that link the pair, threaten to break as sex, death and betrayal, forge a code that threatens to end their friendship.

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