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Where do you go when you feel you don’t belong anywhere?

Lydia is a young woman alone in London.  Her parents threw her out when she told them she was gay, but she finds refuge in a flat share in a crumbling building with some other gay misfits.  

Lydia can’t make up her mind if she wants to be with Sarah or not, unaware of the pain she is causing the recently bereaved woman.  Colin’s doing his imperfect best to look after Pip, who is tortured by memories of his past which threaten to destroy him.  Brian is their reclusive landlord who seems oblivious to the fact that the flat is on the verge of falling down around them.  But things get really messy when Jay comes to stay…and Lydia finds out there are worse things than having nowhere to call home.

A gay novel about finding family when your own is determined to leave you “out.”

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The Boxer Shorts Rebellion by Genta Sebastian

Boxer Shorts Cover

Nick’s parents think he’s just sensitive, teachers consider him a troublemaker, and bullies recognize him as a target.  He knows, with a fresh start, he can re-invent himself.

Popular quarterback Brent, willing to do anything to keep his secret, exploits girlfriends to deflect any suspicion he might be gay.

Penny risks everything, even her heart, to befriend a boy she doesn’t know but does that make her a heroic savior, or a gullible fool?

Convinced she’s a hopeless loser, Angela is thrilled to be a popular jock’s girlfriend.  So worried he will learn the truth about her, she ignores the truth about him.

Everyone stands by while the half-naked boy cowers, watching his green boxer shorts fly from the school flagpole.  But there can be no innocent bystanders when his bully devolves into a psychotic killer.





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