Prudence MacLeod publishes her FIFTIETH book with Shadoe Publishing!



We are giving the gifts to YOU!  All of Prudence MacLeod’s other 49 books with Shadoe Publishing have been marked down to under $5!  That means you can get two books for what you used to get one and a half!  Seriously folks, if you haven’t tried out any of Prudence MacLeod’s great series or individual stories, you’ve been missing out!  Check them out today!

On behalf of Shadoe Publishing, I just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU!





It’s that time of year again folks!  GCLS is in Chicago this year!  While our booth is similar to last years in Washington D.C., we DO have a few new writers and definitely some new books to show you!  Stop on by and chat us up!20160706_10153020160706_094347

Angela by Prudence MacLeod


From broke college student to wealthy philanthropist, Angela Davis’ place in the world has greatly improved since she met Calan, and she’s bringing her friends with her.

As Angie finds success and support in her field, she becomes an integral part of the Foundation and her gentle hand stills the beast that roars within Callie.

Proving that some family is chosen, regardless of blood, Leigh charms the mysterious man from Callie’s past so that the Highland Lady has time to remember who she has become.

Trudy has spent years paralyzed by fear, knowing that, until she conquers it, she may never know a full and happy life.  When she does finally face her fears, the arms she seeks will surprise everyone.


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Provincetown 2016


Rise of The Queen (Volume 1) The Elvish Chronicles by Prudence MacLeod

Rise of the Queen front Cover

For thousands of years the High Born Elves have languished in the chains of slavery, their great strength gone, their extra keen senses dulled, and their immortality broken. Somehow, in spite of their harsh master’s efforts, the royal line managed to survive. Now, with the aid of a deadly assassin, the heir is about to shake off the chains of slavery, expose the lies, and bring her people to freedom. And she has no idea the magnitude of the task she has undertaken.





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The Watcher and the Warrior by Prudence MacLeod

Watcher and the Warrior

The FIFTH in the Children of the Goddess Series!

The forces of the Dark are on the move, humanity is vulnerable and unprepared. The goddess Moragah sends out her priestesses to find two people, to people to stop the encroaching darkness. One to see the when and where the conflict will happen, and one to halt the advance. The search was successful, in her lonely tower the Watcher sees all while below the Warrior continues to hone her skills, eagerly awaiting the battle to come.



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After Sasha by HollyAnne Weaver

After SashaShadoe Publishing proudly releases the fantastic follow up to HollyAnne’s previous novel: The Plaid Skirt.  In this novel:

Single mother Alison Aronov-Lockewood has just found herself face-to-face with a ghost.  A living, breathing, ghost—of her lost wife Sasha, and mother to her daughter Lidi.  After she manages to get her anxiety under control, she realizes that this apparent apparition is a wonderful woman, a woman of wit and charm, a woman who cares about being an advocate of the children, just as she has become a representative in the legal system of children in honor of Sasha’s death in the line of duty as a social worker.  And more importantly, like herself, she is a lesbian.  After feeling nothing but pain inside for the last six and a half years, Aly’s heart beats once, twice, three times in quick succession.  Could this be love again?  Could this be that special person that she’s waited all these years for?

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Amelia Island Book Festival


I’m pleased to announce I will be attending the Amelia Island Book Festival in Florida this February 18, 19, 20.  I’ll be happy to bring you books (if you want specific ones) and sign the ones I’m bringing. Please let me know by emailing me if you want those specific ones since I cannot bring them all!  I’ll also be happy to talk to you about publishing your own books if you wish!

Come get your CARDS!

I look forward to meeting my fans, making some new ones, and perhaps having some fun in the sun!  It’s been a wintery mess in the United States and I’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t hit here in the Northwoods! (knock on wood, gawd knows we have enough trees here!)  I know by the middle of February I will have a definite case of cabin fever!  So anyone seeing this white WHITE woman from the Northwoods, please proceed with caution, sunglasses (the glare will blind you otherwise), and please come say hello!  I’ll probably be the one with the red hat…IMG_0201  If my skin is red, then tell me to get OUT of the sun!  I burn EASILY!

Hope to see you there!

Try PRUDENCE MACLEOD’s Novan Series starting at .99!

Just wanted to let you know, the first book in the Nova Series will be going on Kindle Countdown sale April 12th. This mean that on the 12th, Novan Witch will be on sale for $0.99. Each day thereafter the price will go up by a little until it returns to its regular price on April 19th. Here’s where to find her:Novan Witch

“Greetings, great Lady of the Temple, I bring a passenger who would speak with you in private. She asks that you join her aboard the ship.”

“Who is your passenger, boy?”

“I am Micha, friend of Lessa, son of Kona, Nara Clan.”

“I asked the name of your passenger. Stop being impertinent and answer me at once. ”

“You know full well who his passenger is, Salian.” Lessa’s stern voice preceded her appearance. To all eyes but Micha’s, she was dressed in the full robes of her office. He still saw her ragged uniform.

“Looks like we may need a backup plan after all,” he muttered under his breath.

“Since you would not speak in private, Salian, we will do things your way. Go, have our chambers prepared, and call an assembly in the Hall of Audience.”

“You cannot just walk back in here after all these years and start throwing orders around, Arlessa. I rule here now. Your authority has been removed by the council.”

“The council? You mean the minions of the Viceroy. Does that include you Salian? No? I thought not. You want to keep the mantle of power for yourself.” Lessa had a cold smile on her face. “Push me, Salian, and you will discover the true reach of my abilities. Now obey me.”


Once you try the first one you will LOVE to move on to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the fascinating series!

Assassin of NovaBeyond Nova Front CoverClaimstake Front Cover

New Author for Shadoe Publishing: WELCOME, HollyAnne Weaver!

HollyAnne WeaverMs. Weaver has worked for many years in a scientifically-based career writing technical documents.  An avid reader from a very young age, she gradually began writing poetry and fiction, one of her current passions.  Growing up, Ms. Weaver was always fascinated with books and the ability of an author to write fiction.  A sequence of emails with a close friend led to her writing longer pieces, eventually culminating in her first novel being completed in 2010.  Ms. Weaver’s main writing focus is on lesbian fiction, although she has projects for mysteries and historical fiction already planned. 

Her first book with Shadoe Publishing should be out later this year!  WELCOME!