Redemption by Maria Siopis

Annette Watchworth has aspirations of becoming a compelling reporter, but life has other plans for her. After a disappointing start on her career, she finds herself behind her monitor composing unimportant stories. She spends ten years in anonymity but when an opportunity knocks at her door, she embraces it, unaware of the danger and heartbreak. She finds herself tangled in a web of deception, lies and a murder. All her hopes of reviving her career almost lost, and she is ready to give up until she meets Margaret Peters who is a major component to her investigation. Is Annette ready to accept the truth?
Truth and deception are both fascinating concepts that intermingle for all eternity creating havoc in people’s lives. Annette is one of them. She seeks the truth but only finds deception. Can she unearth the lies and juxtapose them against the facts of her investigation or will she be destroyed by malevolent players, drug cartels, and even Margaret Peters?
Margaret Peters is the General Manager of the organization that Annette tries to infiltrate and expose. She is reserved, inapproachable and cold. Yet, underneath her persona is someone different with ties to New York Police Department, and the Drug Enforcement Agency. Her undercover is on the verge of collapsing when Annette becomes involved. Will she be able to derail Annette’s investigation or her deceit will be uncovered?
Good and evil are parts of humanity that will exist of all eternity. Margaret knows about it well, and she is a primal example of survival but everything inside her is dead. Will she be able to open her heart or her past will take this ability away?
Annette and Margaret are two people with two different stories, and unbridgeable differences. Is there a hope for them or their existence is predetermined to be lived separate? Is destiny a silly concept invented by humans or is it as true as life itself? Annette and Margaret will endeavor to a journey that will redefine their lives more than once, but they will eventually arrive to a destination where the truth is uncovered.

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