Prudence MacLeod signs her 44th contract with Shadoe Publishing…let’s CELEBRATE!

Several years ago an author and editor approached Shadoe Publishing about taking on another author’s work.  Knowing nothing about this author, we ‘met’ on Skype to discuss the possibility of her signing with Shadoe Publishing.  She stated she wanted forty of her books out in paperback within a year…um, yeah.  We were very excited, but decided on about twenty at first, to see how it went.  Well, that many books takes a long time.  You see, the editor had to edit them (of course), the illustrator had to make up all the new covers for her stories, the proofreaders and beta readers all had to go over the books, one by one, before we allowed them to be formatted and released….

It took several years to come out with the FIRST forty, but here we are already on the 44th… AT LOOSE ENDS will be coming out in about a week.  We MUST be doing SOMETHING write, um, er, right?  In the meantime, to CELEBRATE, we are discounting ALL of Prudence MacLeod’s books until the end of the month.  For the price of a Starbucks cup of coffee, you can read her fantastic stories.  From lesbian romance, to lesbian science fiction and fantasy, to transgender stories that will take you places you haven’t realized you wanted to go…yet.

Below are all the covers of her first 43 books with Shadoe Publishing…we’ll show you the next one soon…meanwhile, on Amazon for the rest of this month you can read her fabulous books at a discount to celebrate this incredible achievement!

Thank you in advance for your patronage and enjoy your reads!




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