Re-release of Jennis Slaughters: INTUITION

Updated, edited, and a little tweaking, here it is!intuition

In the sequel to Insight, Delaney and Raelin Delacroix have their past to come back to haunt them, but it’s not in the way that they expect.

Who has it out for the newly married couple? Is it family members who feel that they deserve some of the good fortune or someone that they missed during the wrap up of the human trafficking case?

Will the Montrose Ley Lines give them enough warning so that they can protect themselves and their friends or will they be silent, leaving the Delacroix’s to figure things out on their own.

Who has it out for them? Is it something more sinister?

Available from all these fine retailers (click on the picture to be taken to your merchant of choice):









And go to our website for more of Jennis Slaughter’s books (just click on the picture of Shadoe Publishing):




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