You might wonder why companies or individuals use specific websites to host their product(s).  There are a lot of them out there!  Personally we chose WordPress because it allows such a variety of different templates and many of them are free.  It also integrates fully with our social media sites so that anything we do on our blog, website, etc is shared between these platforms.  Once you use WordPress for a blog (which is free), you will find using it for a website isn’t that far-fetched an idea from there.  It’s easy and once you find a host you are comfortable with, you can add on features that you may like.  We chose I-Page as our host not only for the business websites but for many of our authors.  It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and you can bump up as you learn and add things.  Most of our authors are not computer savy and that’s okay, we can teach them to use simple programs such as WordPress or Weebly.  There are many other programs out there to choose from as well and I-Page supports several of them.  So if you are thinking of getting a website, we would recommend I-Page for this very reason, it’s affordable, simple, and your learning-curve isn’t that painful.

We wish you luck if you are planning on creating a website anytime soon, we hope you take our recommendation as we have been very happy in our choices.  If you need some help, wish to ask some questions, feel free!  Check out the deals from I-Page here!  We are certain you will find something you enjoy as much as we have!  Check out OUR website at!694

Disclaimer: We may be compensated for this review.


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