Fast Lane by Jennis Slaughter and A.D. Campbell

Fast Lane

In the male dominated sport of Formula 1 racing, Samantha ‘Sam’ Dupree is struggling to make her mark against the boys. She hears about a driver who is making a name for herself in NASCAR and goes to check her out.  Little does she know that she’s in for the race of her heart.

Addison McCloud wants nothing more than to drive.  She doesn’t care about fame or fortune; she just wants to be fast enough to get herself and her family away from her abusive father.  Meeting Sam changes her world and revs her life into overdrive.

When the two women meet, sparks fly like the race cars that they drive.  Will they be able to steer their relationship into something more and win the race, or will their families make them crash and burn?  The boys of Formula 1 are going to learn that Southern girls are a force to be reckoned with. 

TEASER:  Keying the headset to Addison frequency, Sam kept her voice calm as she spoke to the young driver, “Addi…show that damn Yankee how we Southern women drive.” Samantha Jayne Dupree let her Southern accent flow from her like honey.  “Blow him a kiss as you fly by for me Darlin’.”

Slamming on her brakes, Addison Gere McCloud let smoke pour up from all four of the thick Dunlop tires on her car. As Tatum’s car lost its buffer between itself and the wall, his own Mustang slammed into the barrier wall with enough force to pop one of the tires.

The blue, number 16 Conway Freight Mustang flew around its partner car in a stunning display of control using his wind tunnel to slingshot around him. Instead of Addison blowing Dana Tatum a kiss on the way by as she stole his job and his contract, she held up her middle finger.

Sam looked up and saw the motion on one of the many screens that they had around in the pit areas and pumped her fist.  “Good girl Addi, now finish up the race.  You’ve got some celebrating to do.”

Paperback & E-Book


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