Amelia Island Book Festival


I’m pleased to announce I will be attending the Amelia Island Book Festival in Florida this February 18, 19, 20.  I’ll be happy to bring you books (if you want specific ones) and sign the ones I’m bringing. Please let me know by emailing me if you want those specific ones since I cannot bring them all!  I’ll also be happy to talk to you about publishing your own books if you wish!

Come get your CARDS!

I look forward to meeting my fans, making some new ones, and perhaps having some fun in the sun!  It’s been a wintery mess in the United States and I’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t hit here in the Northwoods! (knock on wood, gawd knows we have enough trees here!)  I know by the middle of February I will have a definite case of cabin fever!  So anyone seeing this white WHITE woman from the Northwoods, please proceed with caution, sunglasses (the glare will blind you otherwise), and please come say hello!  I’ll probably be the one with the red hat…IMG_0201  If my skin is red, then tell me to get OUT of the sun!  I burn EASILY!

Hope to see you there!


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