Her Right (New Beginnings Volume 2) by Kaden Shay

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Kyndle met Frost when she was less than 15 years old, but she knew, even at that young age, that they were destined to be together forever.  They make a formidable team—at home and at work.

Kyndle is one of a very small number of females in the US leading their own werewolf pack.  None of those other female leaders are “mated” with other females, but despite her success as a leader, the pack council members want Kyndle out!  She has three strikes against her: she is young, she is female, and she is gay!

Two individual males in the past few months have challenged Kyndle’s position as Alpha of her pack, and both paid dearly…with their lives.  One was Frost’s brother, the other Kyndle’s very own father.

And now Celeste, who has carried a torch for Kyndle since their childhood, has returned hoping to tear the two mates apart and claim Kyndle as her own.

Will Kyndle and Frost be able to stave off the threats to their love and partnership? 

And what about the threats at work?  Not only could Kyndle’s leadership be at stake, but her life as well!

Paperback and E-Book


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