Baren Nix presents LOVE ME COMPLETELY

Love Me Completely Cover

After her unhappy marriage ends, Marie is lonely and looking for love.  Her usual methods of looking for that “someone special” haven’t worked.  After trying out a new technique, she meets two women: One a fun dance partner, the other may be the love of her life! 

Marie puts everything she has into the new relationship with Jada.  Wanting only Jada’s happiness, Marie sacrifices all…even her mental and physical health.  After learning of Jada’s family and personal secrets, she wonders if this is really the ideal relationship for her.

Is the younger, black woman really everything she was looking for?  Jada answered Marie’s call for companionship, but she is still holding on to the past, unwilling to share a closely guarded secret with her mother.  When she’s confronted with some disturbing news, it threatens to destroy her future.  Will secrets keep her from finding true happiness with Marie? 

“Kelly” finds herself strongly attracted to her new friend and dance partner.  She wants more than friendship and will do anything she can to realize that goal…even if she ruins Marie’s life in the process.  What is it inside “Kelly” that is compelling her to act this way?  Does she know?  Will Marie and Jada be able to solve the mystery in time?

E-Book & Paperback


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