GCLS 2015

This was Shadoe Publishing’s first year at a GCLS Event.  I think we represented ourselves well:11750604_884479131624256_4108024871648379874_n 11751888_884479198290916_5687123792622681940_nIMG_20150723_150450IMG_20150723_150501

With over two dozen authors in our stable (those may not ALL be listed) www.shadoepublishing.com we like to think we still offer that personal touch to authors while still working hard to provide them with services that will enhance their books and careers in writing.

As their publisher, I’m pleased with the turnout and how our booths looked and look forward to the future of Shadoe Publishing and it’s many authors!  If you see us at an event, come on by and say hello!  We’re a friendly bunch!11061678_885163474889155_7393434628066890811_n

I also cannot help but give a shoutout to Genta Sebastian whose book RIDING THE RAINBOW,RtRcover now available from Shadoe Publishing won a Goldie! 11224045_885696274835875_2453194721956695288_nthe noise from our table was rather loud as when they announced her win we all stood up to shout but the award was so well deserved!  Wait until you read the book as well as her next one (already available) A Man’s Man! A Man's Man We are going to see her win once again!  See it happen in Washington D.C. over the Fourth of July weekend!

I couldn’t have had the booth and attended so many events without the help of a dear friend Sara Carson who manned the booth and sold books for the Shadoe Publishing authors!  A shoutout to her for the good (and sometimes boring) job that she did.  I’m pleased to say that she had a wonderful time, made a lot of new friends, and saw a side of things that she hadn’t expected!  Yay Sara! 11183442_885163541555815_7278988958792796584_n

Finally, I’m pleased to say that this publisher stands proudly behind their authors!  To all those who attended, thank you!IMG_0221

Shadoe Publishing Logo with website


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