Chapter 1 of BLOWN AWAY

Coming SOON from Shadoe Publishing: BLOWN AWAY!

K'Anne Meinel

Full Cover of BLOWN AWAY



She stared at the ruins of a once beautiful farm house and memories came, flashing back in an instant yet spanning years.  Over there once stood a beautiful pair of oak trees with a swing between them for her to play on.  She could still hear the echoes of her mother telling her to be careful as she climbed them.  Skinned knees and scraped palms; she never complained over the slivers her mother had to remove from her tomboyish activities.  Their shade provided her endless hours of escape from the relentless sun and still she would burn from it.  The wind would part the leaves and the sun would beat down between them.  Her imagination could play for hours as she gazed up through them, envisioning them as towering giants and she a mere mortal. She loved those trees.

“I can’t believe you climb like a monkey…

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