Shadoe Publishing PROUDLY announces the release of DAKOTA by Karen E. Baker!


When U.S. Marine Dakota McKnight returned home from her third tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom, she carried more baggage than the gear and dress blues she had deployed with.  A vicious rocket-propelled grenade attack on her base left her best friend dead and Dakota physically and emotionally wounded.  The marine who once carried herself with purpose and confidence, has returned broken and haunted by the horrors of war.  When she returns to the civilian world, life is not easy, but with the help of her therapist, Janie, she is barely managing to hold her life together…then she meets Beth.

Beth Kendrick is an American history college professor.  She is as straight-laced as they come, until Dakota enters her life, that is.  Will her children understand what she is going through?  Will she take a chance on the broken marine or decide to wait for the perfect someone to come along?

Time is on your side, they say, unless there is a dark, sinister evil at work.  Is their love strong enough to hold these two people together?  Will the love of a good woman help Dakota find the path to recovery?  Or is she doomed to a life of inner turmoil and destruction that knows no end?

In both Paperback and E-Book formats!

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