Allysyn Jones signs with Shadoe Publishing!

authorpicAllysyn Jones was born in Mississippi sometime in the 1980’s where she spent her early childhood.  Later in the early 1990’s she had moved north to the Midwest with her mother and two siblings where she spent the majority of her adolescence.  There she became well-rounded, still socially awkward, but confident in her happy-go-lucky spirit.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Allysyn realized her call to duty.  She spent the rest of her high school career preparing to join the United States Navy by joining the Delayed Entry Program and in 2005, she finally left for boot camp.

After completing her job training as a U.S. Navy Builder, she was stationed in California and in 2006, she left for her first deployment and during which time, she began writing as an escape from her surroundings.  Never in a million years did the young writer even imagine these works becoming published, so after completing the books, she let them sit for several years.  During that several year time period, she received her honorable discharge from the Navy, she traveled, went to college.  After receiving all of the love and support of her readers, she pursued finding the right publishing house and now the adventure really begins.


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