Try PRUDENCE MACLEOD’s Novan Series starting at .99!

Just wanted to let you know, the first book in the Nova Series will be going on Kindle Countdown sale April 12th. This mean that on the 12th, Novan Witch will be on sale for $0.99. Each day thereafter the price will go up by a little until it returns to its regular price on April 19th. Here’s where to find her:Novan Witch

“Greetings, great Lady of the Temple, I bring a passenger who would speak with you in private. She asks that you join her aboard the ship.”

“Who is your passenger, boy?”

“I am Micha, friend of Lessa, son of Kona, Nara Clan.”

“I asked the name of your passenger. Stop being impertinent and answer me at once. ”

“You know full well who his passenger is, Salian.” Lessa’s stern voice preceded her appearance. To all eyes but Micha’s, she was dressed in the full robes of her office. He still saw her ragged uniform.

“Looks like we may need a backup plan after all,” he muttered under his breath.

“Since you would not speak in private, Salian, we will do things your way. Go, have our chambers prepared, and call an assembly in the Hall of Audience.”

“You cannot just walk back in here after all these years and start throwing orders around, Arlessa. I rule here now. Your authority has been removed by the council.”

“The council? You mean the minions of the Viceroy. Does that include you Salian? No? I thought not. You want to keep the mantle of power for yourself.” Lessa had a cold smile on her face. “Push me, Salian, and you will discover the true reach of my abilities. Now obey me.”


Once you try the first one you will LOVE to move on to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the fascinating series!

Assassin of NovaBeyond Nova Front CoverClaimstake Front Cover


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