Re-release of HEART OF FIRE by Dawn Carter

Heart of Fire front coverCourageous, determined, Homicide Detective, Danni Pacelli’s is unmoved by death and violence, but when promoted and partnered with Annabel Flanery, the charming, sexy and young rookie detective softened the hardened heart.  The perfect life Danni fought so hard to build, and protect, was now at stake, as she hunted down a brutal serial murderer, all the while discovering she has feelings for her new partner.

Danni finds herself spiraling, as the lines of hunting down the killer, or protecting her partner from certain death become blurred, as Danni finds herself wondering how to catch the killer while protecting her heart.

 The more the two battles to save lives, the more in love Danni falls, but will she be brave enough to face admitting her feelings, and win Annabel’s heart, or risk losing the security, and the life of solitude, she’d always known? Or will she face losing Annabel instead?

E-book & Paperback!

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