EditorWhen I first started Shadoe Publishing I did NOT have an editor.  I NEVER claimed to BE an editor.  I explained to the authors who came on board that they had to FIND an editor of their own.  A lot has changed since those days and Shadoe Publishing now has several editors working with our stable of fine writers.  Why?  What changed?  Well, for one, to hire a good editor costs a lot of money.  Something a lot of authors simply do not have.  Yes, if this is news, authors are relatively poor people and can’t afford the reasonable rates that editors (who, we hope, know what they are doing).

Editors that I have seen hawking their skills run a gammit of prices.  The average that I have seen is for a manuscript of 100,000 words is $1000.  This varies of course with the editors.  Then of course you have different types of editors.  From line editors to content editors to copy editors.  You of course have all sorts of different personalities within those different types of editors.  Then you also have beta readers and proof readers, while not ‘officially’ editors, they still contribute to the end result.  (Excellent article @ Novel Publicity)


Another thing that changed for Shadoe Publishing is that we grew.  We now have  many authors, with many different submissions, who want the best for their work (don’t we all?).  We always wanted the best, now we can offer this ‘service’ to authors who, not only can’t afford the editing before they submit their script, but who can work with their publisher and editor to polish up that script.


Here at Shadoe Publishing it’s often difficult to find a ‘good fit’ because we are NOT like traditional publishing houses.  We work as a TEAM.  Finding one editor, much less many to deal with the influx of excellent scripts we are being offered, took time and effort.  Our TEAM now is proud to offer editing services to our authors, new and old.  Building a reputation with our authors, editors, etc is part our TEAM effort.

If you are considering submitting to Shadoe Publishing, we are here for you.  We are here for your ‘baby,’ and will put forth the best effort to our combined abilities to get out a great manuscript for the reading public.  To get out the best book for everyone.  We are here to help you succeed and learn how to get your book out there.

We welcome new authors as well as some of those more established…

K’Anne Meinel, fellow author and publisher at Shadoe Publishing



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