Chris Parson’s new book of Prose is out! THE SMALL STEP JOURNEY

Front Cover

I am a female masculine entity. I am not, nor have I ever wanted to be male. I am for want of a label, Butch. Some, not all butches prefer the use of semi-masculine pronouns. When typed or written they would appear as: Hy, Hys, Hym and maybe even Hir. When spoken, they sound EXACTLY the same as He, His, Him and Her.

Please do not be startled or put off by these pronouns within my poems. I ask you just to accept that most of my poems are referring to my life and my experiences, hence the use of those particular pronouns. They may indeed seem strange, but from a literary perspective, they are most assuredly not. Great poets of times gone by used these spellings though not for the same reason. Chaucer, Samuel Johnson, Sir Thomas More, and others.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy these poems as much as I did writing them. I hope they take you, via your memories and imagination on journeys. I hope you collect not only smiles but tears as you read, for if you do, then I have succeeded in what I set out to do.

Not only is Chris Parsons a talented writer of poetry but she is the photographer for the front and back of her book of prose!  Later this year Chris intends to publish a book of short stories with Shadoe Publishing!

The Small Step Journey in both E-Book and Paperback.

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