Details Matter!

When putting a book together, it isn’t JUST about the manuscript that our terrific authors have written.  It’s also about constructing a pleasant looking paperback.  Almost ALL of our authors have their Novels or Novellas in paperback form.  We strive to construct the best looking paperback and that is where the details become important.Her Calling Cover  Yes, the cover is the most important feature, it’s what you look at FIRST, but then you open the cover and dive into the story, it’s the little things that pop up.Kaden Shay Inside Cover They may seem minor, but to a reader who absorbs the story, these ‘little things’ are important to the ambiance of the story that the author has created.  As you can see by the samples here, we put a little bit of ‘flavor’ into the books we publish.  Kaden Shay First pagesYou want to have a FEEL for the story, a genuine ‘taste’ of it.  Living in the moment.  Whether it’s a Romance, a Western, a Mystery, or whatever appeals to your senses, a paperback can take you there in ways that other formats just might only give you ‘The Story.’???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We STRIVE to give you a little EXTRA when you publish with us, when you read a SHADOE PUBLISHING author.PruSome of our authors, myself (K’Anne Meinel) included, add a little ‘extra’ to their books.  Myself, I’ve been known to add interviews or little background stories that don’t appear elsewhere.Pru2Besides which, wouldn’t you like a SIGNED copy of a paperback from some of your FAVORITE authors?  It is nice to have that on your shelf!  So, pop on over to our website and check out our authors and their various contributions to Lesbian Fiction! Shadoe Publishing 2


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