So many authors, so quickly

When you work with an author, negotiating a contract, it can take weeks, months, days, hours, and many minutes of your time so that you, as the publisher, and they, as the writer feel comfortable with all the terms and conditions.  It’s not a slam dunk that we are going to publish their book(s).  There is a lot of work that goes into publishing a book whether you self-publish, go with a publisher, or an in-between like what we do as a publisher.  Since so much goes on behind the scenes it might seem ‘sudden’ when the contracts are finalized and we announce a new author, or many authors.  Some of the time, it’s been months in the making and it all comes together at once.

This last year has been incredible.  Shadoe Publishing has grown phenomenally.  The current authors we had on staff put out a tremendous amount of work for both of us!  As a result, we recently signed quite a few NEW authors; check out our website for information about their upcoming novels and who they are!  Or check out past blogs as we announced them.  We are hoping that the ones we are now negotiating with will be announced soon.  With this all said, it’s obvious we know what we are doing, they are pleased with the work they see, and we are both happy with the end results…good work speaks for itself!

We look forward to helping many new and established authors to achieve their dreams.  That is why we started Shadoe Publishing, to help, to mentor, to create!  We are ALL in this together as we polish their story/manuscript into something a little more special than what they started with.

 I hope those of you who follow along on the Shadoe Publishing journey enjoy what our authors bring to the table and check out the new ones arriving this year!

We are pleased to announce that this year we will be attending the Golden Crown Literary Society event in New Orleans in July, starting on the 22nd and going until the 26th.   Many of our authors will be attending so that they can sign your paperback, meet and greet you, and discuss the many stories that abound.  It’s an exciting time for all and I hope that many of you will attend and stop by the two booths we have reserved.  If you haven’t already, sign up at and tell them Shadoe Publishing sent you!




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