Happy NEW Year, 2015 is gonna ROCK…without REAL rocks!

Happy New YEAR!

K'Anne Meinel

And what did YOU do in 2014?  I published a few things…Shorts, Novellas, and a ‘few’ novels!

Out at The Inn CoverInto The GardenLove of my LIFEMenage a WHATQuickie ~In an Elevator, GOING DOWN ~Book 11 Minor MaliceBook 12 Morally MaliceBook 13 Morose MaliceBook 14 Melancholy MaliceShortsAnthology CoverlawyeredcoverMad MaliceMalice Masterpieces 3 - CopyCaptureThe Other Women

If you missed them, no worries, I have them right HERE for you:


Wow, it’s been QUITE a year!  I had my 30th high school reunion and also managed to make it to Provincetown, MA for Women’s Week! Not bad, not bad at all!  I’m hoping with everything I have planned for 2015 that this is going to be the best year in a LONG time!  I’ve needed that!  I can’t wait for all the ‘new’ that comes with a new year! I’m looking forward to chatting with many of you, my friends, my fans, and my frenemies!  LOL!  So let’s make 2015 (can you BELIEVE we are using those #’s?) the year that ROCKS, without real ROCKS!

For those who actually read my ramblings, I will have you know that…

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