New Release: 47 by Angela Peach

47 Front Cover

“My name is Lilith Mae Madison and I am Captain of the Phoenix.  There is something strange happening on my ship.  Something that can’t be explained.

On the other side of the known universe, we are waiting for a wormhole to open so we can return home with news that could save the human race.  But someone, or something, has other ideas.  My crew are being picked off one by one, and whoever is doing it is very, very strong, and very, very clever.

I’m struggling to keep hold of my sanity, as well as control of my ship and crew.  My trust is divided between John, my second in command, and Maggie, head bio-geneticist and lover.  While John is impulsive and headstrong, I am unsure of his full intentions.  Maggie, on the other hand, gentle, kind, loving and sweet, seems to be hiding something.  I know she is withholding information from me.  Vital information.

With time, and crew, running dangerously low, I must find the killer before it’s too late.

PROUDLY AVAILABLE FROM SHADOE PUBLISHING in BOTH E-Book and Paperback, just click on the picture!



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