New Release: Q.C. Masters, BRIDGE OVER SORROWS

Cover for Bridge Over Sorrows

Shanti Dhawan longs for the affections of another woman.  But her
traditional past won’t set her free…until one day when fate intervenes.
Shanti finds herself thrust into another world, stranded, alone, and at the
mercy of a strange and mysterious hermit.  This woman who at first Shanti
can barely imagine passing for human nurses her back to health, and soon Shanti
discovers she is more than she appears.  She captivates Shanti’s
imagination and then stirs feelings she thought she could never hold for such a
person.  Yet the woman is a sealed fortress to her.  As her time runs
short, Shanti must decipher the secret of the stranger’s past to claim her
love.  Otherwise, she may unwittingly become the instrument of her
It takes grace to recover from the loss of a loved one.  But sometimes
that grace is not enough, and then survival becomes its own punishment.
When the scars grow too thick for any light to be seen, only the power of true
love can deliver salvation.

In both E-Book and Paperback!



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