One of the hardest things as a writer is finding someone or someone(s) who can help us be better writers.  No matter how much self-editing we do we will always miss something.  After a while we won’t ‘see’ our errors however obvious they may be to the rest of you reading the book, the novel, the novella, the short story or whatever it may be that our writings come out in.

For one starting out the idea of hiring an editor can be scary, overwhelming, or a matter of ego.  After all they are going to take your creation and judge it.  Some editors even alter it to their own egos, their own satisfaction, their own agenda, perhaps to their own frustrated writing abilities.  Not all editors are like that of course, but I have heard enough stories from other writers about an editor who ‘destroyed’ their work or made it into something they never intended.

Another thing is that editors can be expensive.  It varies of course and you can shop around to find a ‘cheaper’ editor whose abilities you must question.  Having beta readers (for those who don’t know what a beta reader is, it is a (hopefully) unbiased second reader of your work who can catch some of the errors) helps but isn’t always as productive as you would like.  Let’s face it you are hiring them for their skills in grammar, spelling, and proper form, not for their personality or agenda’s.

I personally know about form and feel in a story.  I’m not the best story writer and certainly can’t ‘tell’ one verbally to save my life, but I do know how to create worlds that people relate to and can enjoy.  I am not however always grammatically correct and without a good word processor it would be worse with other errors which would drive this A type personality crazy.  I cringe when I’ve tweaked and edited my own stories to death and think I have a finished product only to go back after it was published and find errors.  Worse yet when I get a review that ‘tells’ me of my errors.  Some readers do not care, some find the anonymity of the internet too much not to say something and become arm chair editors and critics.

Let’s face it; even the great works of art still have errors in them and as a prolifically published author who reads just as voraciously I get a thrill out of spotting said errors.  If they made them then perhaps my own errors aren’t so glaringly obvious.

I battled with the cost of hiring an editor much less finding one that would understand my works and not alter them but still bring out the best in my stories.  I finally found one editor that I will heartily endorse and recommend here:


I met Nikki Busch through one of the various writing groups that I am a member of.  I believe in Kismet, Fate, or a few other titles you can give such a ‘meeting.’  She and I discussed what I wanted, what I needed, and what she could do for me.  I believe I have found an editor not only for my works but the authors I associate with and I think I can heartily recommend.  It’s not easy to trust someone else with your ‘baby’ and to find someone that does an honest critique, honest editing, and treats it with the respect it deserves is difficult.  I believe I may have found said person and I’m letting other’s know since I too know how hard it is to find this person.

Take a moment, check her out, don’t just take MY word for it, but give her an inbox, give her a trial, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the work she does for you.

Some may ask why give away this secret, well, because I believe in paying it forward.  If someone is good they should be known, I’m making her known here and I will probably regret it when she doesn’t have as much time for my own work but hey, if she is that good, she will find the balance needed to do not only my work but yours as well…..


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