Interview for TIMED ROMANCE

Check out this fantastic interview from our author: K’Anne Meinel

K'Anne Meinel



Why the name TIMED ROMANCE?  Many relationships are a matter of timing.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  In this case fate keeps casting these characters together and life keeps pulling them apart until they think they have the timing right.  Lots of twists and turns and simply life getting in the way of their love and what they want.  Really that is the point though, life is not simple, and it’s a matter of a delicate balance of timing.  If you meet someone at a particular time in your life they may or may not be important to you at that time and that may change later on, all due to timing.

Did you base your characters on anyone in particular?  I have a mental image of someone that they remind me of and describe them for myself and my readers to picture them.  Sometimes I use…

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