I am who I am and I’m NOT hiding it

I felt the need to post this today on Facebook, I think it is self explanatory and I am hiding NOTHING:

To my friends, fans, and family here on Facebook.  Another author has decided to “out” me: She wrote: Okay. The suspicions I had were true so I am going to come forward with the names. K’Anne Meinel, who bills herself as a lesbian author, is also SapphicSensual, Quinn Masters Author ( a male identity ), Shadoe Publishing, Q CMasters, BenefitsYouKnowIt and God only knows how many other identities. The publishing company is a sham. She is using multiple personalities to push her work and faking reviews, interviews and more. Please, don’t let yourself get drawn into this and do not make friends with any of the above names. At this point it is questionable if this person is even female…

I’d like to address this.  Yes, I am an author by the name of K’Anne Meinel and I do have another account by the name of Benefits Youknowit for some of my friends and as a way to promote my books when I have been blocked by Facebook.  I also have a page called Sapphic Sensual http://www.facebook.com/Sapphicchix which I use to post beautiful sensual pictures that I have shared with you all and strangers alike.  I made a fan page for some of my fans to keep up:  http://www.facebook.com/K.Anne.Meinel.Fan.Page I also have a publishing company by the name of Shadoe Publishing and a page for it here on FB http://www.facebook.com/ShadoeEnterprises.  I’ve been approached by so many other authors that I started it to help others and make some money (not a lot) at the same time for my efforts on their behalf.  Quinn Masters Author is one of those authors who I was helping with my experiences in self-publishing and is NOT a male identity of my own books.  His writings are unique and far different than my own.  He approached me back in June about helping him and even then I was entertaining the idea of my own publishing company.  I have helped him, plugged him, and endorsed him as any good friend, publisher, and fellow author would.  I’ve advised him on using social media and helped him make his book: The Path Not Chosen a success.  I do not write under a pseudonym or as a male using this name.  I have helped him get interviews from some of the kind people who have also helped me over the years.  Doing some of the same steps that have helped me to publish over 51 works.  I have also republished some of my OWN works under Shadoe Publishing because this makes good business sense as I have new exciting and sensual covers and it looks better to have a publisher behind you on certain works.

Now, I don’t know if this other author is jealous, paranoid, or has an axe to grind with me personally but there are enough people here who I consider friends, who have spoken to me in person via skype, phone, or seen the utube interviews of me in person to realize I am real, I am female, and I’m a genuinely nice lesbian chick who is just trying to use social media to my benefit and make a buck while doing it.  Yes I post a LOT on Facebook, Twitter, my blog etc.  It’s what a good marketer does.  Is it too much?  Probably, a little obsessive behavior on my part.  I’m sorry if this other author feels the need to make a big deal out of this but I have no problem explaining myself here and I believe justifiably so.  So, read all this if you wish, ignore it as a lot will when they see too much (me included) or address it as you see fit but don’t doubt that I am a writer (www.kannemeinel.com), don’t think I’m dishonest here as I’ve explained myself, and if you are another author who needs help, hit me up, I’m willing to help you too.  And to this other writer: I have endorsed you, helped you, referred people to YOU as well and REMEMBER karma goes a long way … notice I didn’t name names here.


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