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Shadoe Publishing proudly announces the release of:

A Path Not Chosen

By author Q.C. Masters

Paige Harlow has her sights set firmly on her new college career and someday a medical degree, but university life turns out to be a shock for a quiet girl from a small farm town. And to make matters worse, the friendship with her ravishing, mischievous, and mysterious roommate Alyssa Torres develops into feelings she can’t explain. How will Paige come to terms with her Christian background and the straight woman she’s fallen in love with to find her path to fairytale happiness?



My chest tightened in panic. What was I thinking? Dear God, this was wrong. How could I have these feelings for another woman? Everything in my upbringing told me it was a violation, a sin. But nothing in my life had every felt so right. As I held her against me, I couldn’t imagine any other person in the world moving my soul as Alyssa was doing at that moment. I was faced with the reality of my feelings for her, but I resolved not to dwell on the moral question for now. At least, I did my best. She needed me there, and so for that night I held her and gave her the best medicine I had to offer. I simply cherished her.


Just as I passed her, she side stepped and shoved me brusquely against the wall. I aimed to move on and put it behind me when suddenly my head seared with pain and the world turned upside down.
I found myself on the floor on my side, looking down the hall past Courtney’s feet. My cheek throbbed, and a touch to it confirmed that it was bleeding slightly. I looked up at Courtney to find her glaring down at me red faced. Her arms were straight, her hands in fists. I dared not make the slightest move for fear of provoking her. She was a coiled rattlesnake. I didn’t have to guess twice what had set her off.


I didn’t bother going to class. It would have been a complete waste of time. But sitting at home waiting for Alyssa, minutes crept by like hours. Fear hung over my shoulder like a sinister companion, whispering dark futures in my ear.


I had to merge with this woman, become one with her. I pressed up against Alyssa as hard as I could, breasts crushing breasts, ear to ear. I ground my body into Alyssa’s, listening to her heavy breathing, pulling her body tightly against me with both arms. I took in Alyssa’s odor, her sweat mixed with lilac that lingered in my fantasies so often lately. I was slipping into a different plane. I longed for this euphoria to last forever. I longed for that other plain where I could hold Alyssa fast and this feeling would never cease.

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About the Author:

Q.C. Masters lives among the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest along with one well-adjusted cat, one neurotic cat, one gentle labrador/dalmation, three brilliant young ones and the most beautiful woman in the world. Writing time is stolen away from family affairs, travel, avid movie time, and, oh, that pesky day job.


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